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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome and lengthy reply Stephen. Although my native tongue is French and all my education was done in that language, the majority of the litterature I read is in English. Therefore, I have only read Atlas Shrugged in English, though I’m realizing it might be profitable for me to read it in French to see if the integration process unfolds differently. I’ll make sure to concentrate my attention to Galt’s Speech. I was waiting to reread Atlas Shrugged until I finish other readings/lectures I had planned. The reason I want to grasp Objectivism is mostly because I want to be able to communicate it to others (another battle I’ll take on once I have a sufficient/satisfying grip of the philosophy). I have read OPAR multiple times but I will definitely purchase the Companion to Ayn Rand in the coming days. I have just ordered A Guide to Effective Study which was suggested by Greg in his reply. Regards, Carl.
  2. Hi everyone, I discovered Objectivism over a decade ago but I only started studying it seriously in the past few months. The reason I’m writing here is because I’m struggling with my study practice. I’m realizing that I have no idea on how to study efficiently (despite being a university graduate🤫). Currently, my strategy (or lack of it) is to read and reread and reread again the different material available but I feel like this isn’t working and I’m frustrated. I’m perfectly aware of the fact that understanding Objectivism completely will take me years, and I’m comfortable with that fact, but I don’t know how to proceed and I feel my current strategy isn’t paying off. I was thinking of making flashcards to memorize definitions and concepts but wouldn’t that just be a memorisation exercise which won’t help me understand? Would a flashcard system be helpful? I guess what I’m asking for is for tips or strategies on how to grasp new concepts and integrate them in an efficient manner. Thanks!
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