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  1. Hello Greg! Yes, definitely. One does not build a stable house on a shaky foundation, that much is for sure. I must admit I've been naive though, I figured that governments and the people at large were more flexible in their approach to challenges, and would not, in pig-headed manner, stick by one broken concept until the car finally speeds off the cliff. Does the dog really only know one trick? Here's an interesting thought: Wars have been started, the deaths of hundreds of thousands taken into account for much less financial gain than the money lost by a single country due to its v
  2. Hello and thank you for the welcome! And oh yes, the old "Your mother" chestnut. Not worth an answer because it's completely beside the point and purposefully circumvents the underlying philosophical principle at play in the question, the exact thing someone should be >answering< to. As for compassion argument, it sure is more compassionate to generate 20 times the damage than was necessary, in trauma and lost jobs, in deprived freedom and life chances, than it is to even so much as suggest high risk groups at least be herded into some kind of quarantine away from everyone els
  3. Hello there! New here, and though I don't have much time, I'd love to pop in from time to time. I find the discussions - what I've read of them thus far - very good, knowledgeable and in-depth. Forgive me if this first effort of mine is a bit "been there, discussed that" but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, even if y'all have written them down before. I'd like to discuss altruism, within the framework of debate with those who would subscribe to a non-objectivist form of it, and its offshoot, the solidarity demanded as a consequence of the ideology of altruism. My specific question
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