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  1. Tomorrow night at 7pm EST, Ben Bayer and I will host a clubhouse meeting on the topic, “Can we ever be truly objective?” Here’s the event announcement. It’s very likely we’ll be joined by other Objectivist philosophers. If you’re not on Clubhouse, PM me and I will send you an invite. (Clubhouse requires an iPhone or Android smartphone). Clubhouse works like a conference call, with a host who brings audience members ‘on stage’ to talk. If I send you an invite I can walk you through it. We encourage you to come and to join the conversation! If you haven’t been joining us, you’re missin
  2. The Q&A is on any area of philosophy. If there is sufficient interest, we will likely organize future Q&As topically. Since this is the first time we're doing this, though, we don't have a large queue of questions to draw from. As far as basic vs. advanced is concerned, I'd like to receive some advanced questions so long as they aren't too obscure. For example, an advanced question about teleological measurement is not of general interest. But a question on the relationship between the metaphysical sense of possibility and the possible-probable-certain scale would be advanced and
  3. Thanks for your interest. We'll be answering questions that are submitted ahead of time to the New Ideal email address. We want questions on philosophy, not current events or the special sciences. Other than that, it's an open Q&A. We're hoping to do these with some regularity, but our doing so depends on the quality and quantity of questions we receive. The first will be run by Ben Bayer and myself.
  4. Two of ARI's philosophers will be answering questions about Objectivism during May 5th's New Ideal podcast. Please send your philosophical questions to [email protected]
  5. ARI hosts Clubhouse meetings every Thursday at 9:30pm EST. We're experimenting with having Clubhouse meetings immediately following New Ideal Live episodes, as well. Follow us here: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/ayn-rand-club As of this posting, you need an iOS device to access Clubhouse, and an invitation. (I have a few I'm willing to give out to anyone considering applying to OAC. PM me).
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