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  1. Yes. This is taking Objectivism a little too far. YES, a child does. I'm probably not as well read in my Objectivism literature as you, but this is just ethics...starting to rethink my ideas about the Objectivist principles if you can carry them so far as an orphaned child. Blech. This thread horrifies and disgusts me. It's a CHILD, for god's sake.
  2. Some people are so kind and helpful, and others...nitpicky and immature. Why do so many people feel the need to prove themselves by snobbily correcting something like a ninth-grader's typo? I'm DEFINITELY a little annoyed.
  3. Thanks! I love Les Mis and Foundation, and I'll definately look into your other suggestions.
  4. It's not really about Vonnegut's philosphy for me. I myself am a writer, and Vonnegut's writing style both intruigues and impresses me. While I read Ayn Rand for her ideas on life rather than her stories (all though she is a very good writer) I read Vonnegut for his satirical humor and something to lighten up my day. It's important not to just stay on the serious, philosphical tract. Who cares if "Slaughterhouse 5" and "Sirens of Titan" are strange and nonrealistic? They're funny and, let's face it, BRILLIANTLY written. Some of Vonnegut's philosphies are, I admit, weird and very contradictory to Rand's, but for me it's not about the philosphy. Any aspiring writer should read Vonnegut. He's a genius in his own way, and very few writers can create something as delicously funny as is "Cat's Cradle." (Edited to fix a spelling mistake.)
  5. Thanks! I love Faulkner, Fitzgerald and Huxley, but I haven't read any Waugh or Greene. Not so sure about Dostoyevski. Even with Ayn Rand, I think Vonnegut is still my favorite. But Rand's not far behind...
  6. Thanks. I was out of books to read (it's about all I do, reading) and I came upon "The Fountainhead." At first the story interested me, but then I started thinking about some of the deeper messages. Ayn Rand has a lot to say and her philosophies interested me greatly, so I picked up "Anthem" and decided to tackle "Atlas Shrugged." Before, I really read about anything I could find - Steinbeck, Bronte, Vonnegut...mostly off my mother's shelf. Any ideas for books beyond the Objectivism tract? Thanks for being so responsive!
  7. Uh, I got that, anything else? Rand's the obvious, what else? I want stuff that discusses the philosphy, not demonstrates it (not ike Fountainhead, Anthem, etc)
  8. I'm in 9th grade and I've read the Fountainhead, Anthem, and Atlas Shrugged. I'm interested in learning more about Objectivism and have opted to do an extra credit paper on it for one of my classes. Is anybody that considers themselves a true Objectivist willing to answer a few questions? It would be a big help but otherwise I'll just surf around here and try to find some answers. Also, any recommendations as to books on Objectivism?
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