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  1. My name is Amy, but you can call me epheme. I'm a student at VCU in Richmond, VA. I've been interested in Objectivism since about 1997 or 1998, when I came across the Fountainhead. I'd always been a Libertarian, and it took me a while to realise that Libertarianism was only a subset of a much larger system of thought. So, once I came out of the closet as a full-fledged Objectivist, things became much clearer I'm helping start a campus Objectivist club here at VCU, and I'm quite pleased to find that many of my instructors, although not professed Objectivists, have repeatedly defended
  2. wilderness, I recently moved from the DC area to Richmond. I know there is an active Objectivist organization at GMU. I'm a student at VCU and am trying to start a group here on campus. A friend of mine and I are going up to GMU on the 27th to attend one of their lectures. I think there's also one on the 20th of March. http://dub.gmu.edu/gmuoc/ who knows, maybe we'll see you there!
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