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  1. My name is Amy, but you can call me epheme. I'm a student at VCU in Richmond, VA. I've been interested in Objectivism since about 1997 or 1998, when I came across the Fountainhead. I'd always been a Libertarian, and it took me a while to realise that Libertarianism was only a subset of a much larger system of thought. So, once I came out of the closet as a full-fledged Objectivist, things became much clearer I'm helping start a campus Objectivist club here at VCU, and I'm quite pleased to find that many of my instructors, although not professed Objectivists, have repeatedly defended Objectivist positions in their lectures. I'm hoping that this will be an active community!
  2. wilderness, I recently moved from the DC area to Richmond. I know there is an active Objectivist organization at GMU. I'm a student at VCU and am trying to start a group here on campus. A friend of mine and I are going up to GMU on the 27th to attend one of their lectures. I think there's also one on the 20th of March. http://dub.gmu.edu/gmuoc/ who knows, maybe we'll see you there!
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