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  1. I don't know. I'm not advocating this; Keynes is. Although he doesn't expect them to spend more than they produce, to be fair. He just says that if he can get the savings down to 0% interest rates, then there will be no reason to save so that we spend all our productive activities on producing his "wonder cities," rather than the "slums" that capitalism builds because it saves productive assets for the future. I told you Keynes is crazy.
  2. I think my friend is refering to Keynes's utopia where interest rates become 0% so that the capitalists get choked out of existence. And so that all resources are used now to create Keynes's "wonder cities." Keynes and my friend believe that savings keeps us from acheiving our best standard of living. Thus Keynes's end goal was to do away with savings by using government to make interest rates 0% and thus rendering savings useless, so that people consumed all that they could and used all resources to acheive his G.E. Moore-ian ideal of living in the moment and making the most joy out of it. (Edited to remove quoting of the entire previous post. - softwareNerd)
  3. I originally thought Objectivism was cultish. Only because anyone I knew or argued with who was an Objectivist would often same almost the same thing word for word as another Objectivist did, when arguing with me about taxes. Only after reading Atlas Shrugged did I realize that they were nearly quoting Rand word for word. And I still find that most Objectivists do this. However, after acquainting myself with the philosophy I would say that it is not a cult.
  4. I have a very liberal friend who always complains that Republicans don't know enough about economics to learn that Keynesian economics dictates that a type of utopia can only be acheived through consumer spending, and less gross savings. I haven't quite come up with a free market reply to that, because I am just now getting into economics seriously, and particularly free market capitalism. *Personally, from what I've read of Keynes, I think he was a lunatic.
  5. What does any of this have to do with murder and Objectivism? I would like to see this get back on topic. I too have a lot of friends here at college that hate Objectivism because they think selfish can justify bad things.
  6. I'm new here. I recently read Atlas Shrugged and loved it. I'm an economics major at MSU. I plan to be a teacher, it has kind of been my goal to change youth by fighting our government using its own unjust powers (e.g. being a state certified teacher in poli sci and economics). I hope to learn alot here, while on this forum. Thanks Chris
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