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  1. heard that World War II was a "public works program" which cured the Depression. By that "logic" dropping bombs on our own people should be enough to lift depressions.

  2. my last message is to be ignored. I NEVER fail to log off when I use university computers, or tell it to save passwords automatically. The last message was (barring FB deciding I told it to save my password anyway), a hack.

    1. WeDontNeedGod


      its ok to admit a mistake ;)

  3. ***** Make sure you log off your uni computers. Don't save your password to sign in automatically ****** Friendly reminder =] from Mark

  4. thinks that math is like a glowing spiderweb of reasoning, linking everything together.

  5. 1 billion iterations of my function to find definite integrals by Reimann Sums and I am only accurate to about 10 decimal places, as far as I know. Damn you computer!

  6. "3,000,000 gamers cant be wrong" - by that logic no dictator with popular support has even been evil.

  7. memo to Linear Algebra lecturers : If someone asks you to explain what it "the angle between functions" means : DONT simply draw two arbitrary vectors on the whiteboard and say "Thats the best I can explain it, its very abstract.". Thanks

  8. gave his first math class today (finally!). It was a little bit awkward due to some technical issues and the fact it started at 5:30AM. But considering it was a test-run to test a few things out and to gauge the ability of my first student : It went well. My student enjoyed it as much as I did, so its a good start I think

  9. thinks that Square Enix should be more honest with the marketing for their next Final Fantasy game. "Yet another generic party of emos goes on another cliche quest against monsters that look like random bits of things glued together. Also we pointlessly change the rules, just for the sake of variety. Also, it is far from the final."

  10. if what "economists" do today is still economics, then I shall henceforth start referring to Attila the Hun, as though he was an economist.

  11. Ayn Rand said that there were Galts in her day. The fact that today so many of my friends are celebrating her birthday with such exaltation proves that there still are. If there are to be any in the future then good philosophy must triumph before it is forgotten.

  12. Almost ironic. I googled "using motion to measure motion" and it returned the wiki entry on "Parallax" which I just noticed on the dust jacket of the book in your picture.

  13. loves math jokes. Does that make him a nerd ( i.e. awesome ) or a geek? ;)

  14. LOVES nuclear power. Shame his country has an almost total ban on nuclear technology though.

  15. Mathematics is the science of measurement - not the algebraic description of wild fancy.

  16. All the intelligence in the world does one no good if they do not know how to use it - this is where philosophy comes in. And why so many smart people often say such foolish things.

  17. There are no "unknowable truths" - only that which has yet to be revealed by future minds.

  18. What's on your mind? What counts is not what sounds plausible, not what we would like to believe, not what one or two witnesses claim, but only what is supported by hard evidence rigorously and skeptically examined. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - Carl Sagan

  19. The Universe is a boundless source of wonder - and Man can stretch forth into Space in order to know it all. What greater testament to the power of science do you need to see?

  20. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. - Carl Sagan

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