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  1. Yeah, forums where the staff are allowed to blatently break their own rules without consequences, while trying to rationalize punishing others that *do not * even do so : Pretty stupid.

  2. This again? What makes you think that just because your brain is in a jar , it would make reality nonobjective? "If the vat is reality" - You mean if the vat was all that the universe consisted of? In which case there is no outside world and your question makes no sense? Or less sense than it would without that particuilar contradiction.
  3. Well, here at least, most places will not explicitly tell you that you are meant to put them back. However it is generally understood that this is what most supermarkets/stores will expect you to do. Assuming you know this, it is probably reasonable to conclude that ignoring this and choosing not to return the trolley is not the most moral thing to do. You would be doing somethign which you know goes against how they wish their property to be used. Even though you might not have agreed to anything contractual or explicitly agreed to obey their wishes in this regard.
  4. Do you want to know why the idea of a "multiverse" is popular? I can tell you. It is because modern cosmology / physics is so riddled with stupid/irratioanlity theories that cannot be rationally tied to anything in reality. So what is their "solution"? To try to appeal to solutions that are *outside of reality*, in some "other existence", which we can never know. They are simply trying to say "reality does not seem to have any connection to my theory, so I am going ot try appeal to something...

  5. One has to be careful when discussing "natural laws". The laws themselves are "manmade", in that the "laws" are conceptual/mathematical statements of real [ or alleged] relationships between entities ( or other facts). The facts which they identify are not manmade however.

  6. The term "laws of reality" mentioned before seems fine to me. "Laws of nature" is alright as long as one knows that what is meant are laws with describe "natural events". However, this could be confusing. These laws would apply just as well to things which had a to to with actions which outside of human cause/intervention would not happen, which some would not consider to be "natural" ( people are strange about defining this word sometimes).
  7. You have to be more careful when discussing "natural laws". The laws themselves are "manmade", in that the "laws" are conceptual/mathematical statements of real [ or alleged] relationships between entities ( or other facts). The facts which they identify are not manmade however.
  8. Time is relational concept, based upon the measurement of motion. The purpose of the concept is to measure durations and if you will excuse the wording, isolate and compare the "timing" of events relative to each other. It has no other existence (regardless of what physicists may tell you based upon their interpretation of Relativity ), it is not a place, or series of places, therefore it makes no sense to say one can "time travel". One cannot travel through a relational concept which exists for the stated purposes, no more than one can "travel" through your friendships , or no more than one can travel through the number twelve.
  9. Patch Adams has got to be one of the most disgusting smear jobs ever made into a movie. I do not know much about the seemingly dubious methods of the real Patch Adams, but the movie is a gross distortion. The character in the movie is an insane , irresponsible, fraudalent whack job that thinks acting like a retard somehow helps people. He proceeds to run a clinic without a license ( while still a med student), refuse to take medical histories ( which gets his co-worker and girlfriend murdere...

  10. From the Questions Any Honest Person Should Be Able to Answer Themselves Vault, comes this ( from someone the Objectivism Online Forum ) : "What is your support for the claim that radical faith-based Christianity is more faithful to the "basic nature" of the Bible than reason-based Christians, or that radical Muslims are more faithful to the "basic nature" of Islam than those that also support Western values? Both belief systems have self-contradictory elements, and yet you seem to hold the...

  11. If scientists cannot know reality, only abstract rules, as they claim : Why do we give them research grants. We should just give them writing fellowships so that they can make up stuff as they go along. It would be a lot cheaper.....

  12. "What happens if time can be bent into a pretezel? What happens if space can have holes in it?" I would stop taking so many drugs and come back to freaking reality! These questions are moronic and meaningless gibberish. Yet modern physicists take them seriously. *sigh* And they wonder why mystic cults routinely steal their ideas in order to justify their mysticism.

  13. I hate when lecturers ask me to visualize 9-D, or 11-D space etc. There is a word which applies here : Rationalism.

  14. I just finished reading the draft essay written by a bright, young student of Objectivism. It was really good actually and reminded me that not all young minds are poisoned by taint of modern philosophy. There is hope yet. Sometimes I need to see more work like of my friend Ashna Sharan , so that I might be reminded of that. Thank you Ashna, for a gift of such value.

  15. I am really sick of people that are chronically unable to grasp important issues, no matter how many times the truth is hammered into their skulls with a railway spike. Failure to grasp an important issue is fine up to a point and for a little while perhaps, but eventually in many cases it becomes completely absurd and unexcusable.

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