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  1. "I am a warrior! Not a murderer!" - Worf. Strange thing for a military officer to say. Especially one that reveres a savage Viking warrior culture that eroticizes hunting, brutal blood-sports, fights to the death and even glorious death in battle ( Star Treks Klingons as of later TNG). Yes , you might point out that he is saying he will not kill someone in a way that is *unlawful*. But it is unclear if military opertions, or Starfleet operations particulary are covered by standard laws or s...

  2. If you want to try a fun little puzzle game, I suggest Plants vs Zombies. It is a lot of fun indeed. I have been playing it a lot the last couple days and have almost finished the 50 levels in the "Adventure" mode. I have yet to unlock most of the twenty mini-games or the Puzzle levels or the Survivual mode. Very fun game with a silly ( silly in a good way) sense of humour. Not overly difficult, but not too easy for the most part. Starts off pretty easy, but by later levels you have...

  3. #include int main() { printf("goodbye, dad\n"); return 0; }

  4. When the 'beset theories" of the best "minds' in physics advocate ideas which sound like the insane ramblings of a six year old with a glossary of physics terminology : You know that physics is dancing on a knife blade. Either it falls one way into the swamps of irrationality, never to emerge in your lifetime, or it embraces rational philosophy as a beacon to guide it to a steady path.

  5. "When two opposing idealogies clash on the battlefield, when life and death clash, there is no room for half-measures and flourishing of swords. Victory comes only to those that are willing and able to behead their enemy." - a often forgotten principle of warfare.

  6. "ur current toolset, and I have a better one too if it comes to that. You have no basis other than your own premises to consider my reasoning flawed" I am not sure that I even know what that last bit means. Of course I have no basis for my objections other than my own reasoning, based on my own premises. Am I meant to borrow premises from someone else? Are people not meant to operate on the basis of their basis premises? Well, that is kinda like saying philosophy is null and void isnt i...

  7. Well! That was interesting! While putting sugar my Weetbix ( similar to Wheaties), I also accidentally put coffee on it as well ( yeah, I know weird mistake to me, I was just was not paying attention). Naturally, I decided to add milk and boiling water to make coffee Weetbix! Actually works fine! :D

  8. Final stupid quote for the night. This one is too stupid to pass over ( the concept is free markets and abolishing the initiation of force etc ) "Force is the way of the Universe – all physical interactions involve force thus to abolish force is to abolish life under these laws of physics and sit in horrible inaction regarding the grave errors of the ignorant." Gee, Ayn Rand was talking ethics, not physics , you idiot! *rolls eyes*

  9. I wonder : If any of the real giants of mathematics was [ supposing that they were still alive just preceding that point] to die tomorrow : Whom would mourn their loss? Newton, inventor of calculus, upon which almost every field of modern mathematics relies upon? I think he would be greatly missed. Though how many people realize he gave us so many other useful math stuff, such as his work on the Binomial Theorem, the development of the polar coordinate system, power series definitions of e^...

  10. Yes, today I am celebrating Bill Gates. The often forgotten / under-credited man whom made the modern computer age possible.

  11. Hilarous. My Mirror Universe self just tried to friend my FB! By which I mean someone with the same name, but whom seems to be my opposite in many ways.

  12. I am working on a fantasy short story. The theme of the short story is basically : How to handle fantastic elements in general properly , in the context of fantasy fiction. The focus is on how to portray magic in a manner which is not only interesting, but which is also consistent with "romanticism" as defined by Ayn Rand. As in , to quote her : "an abstraction of man’s best and highest potentiality, applicable to and achievable by all men, in various degrees, according to their individu...

  13. Another example of why ideas matter : It is not usually advisable to condemn somebody just because they might support a given cause which you might normally consider to be objectionable. People have all sorts of reasons why they might do so, and sometimes it is not necessarily because they support a particularly viscous ideology ( though sometimes it is ).

  14. These days when we are voting, it is like we are giving obsessive gamblers access to our bank accounts. All these candidates like to gamble against reality all the time and of course they must always lose. Yet they keep doing it and they are using your money, cause they they lost all their years ago. Yet not to vote at all could result in an even more obsessive gambler being in charge and gambling everything that everyone has away. Sometimes the only reasonable course of action is to tr...

  15. "Cheers to the man who dug into the meat of an Apple. A fellow who once slept on a couch, and died on top of an empire. To an innovator, a creator, and a true genius...cheers to Steve Jobs." - Brittney Fay Rivera I like this way of putting it, it is a nifty little testament.

  16. Just a few words on the new iPhone. Now, I will admit that I am not a big fan of Apple products generally. I do not a huge problem with them generally, though I consider them to have what personally find to be strange / irritating flaws. The local prices are also unreasonable IMO ( I cannot say if the same applies as much outside of NZ, though probably not). Siri ( the voice thing) sounds like it might be potentially useful, at least if it works as well as Apple seem to be implying....

  17. Ok, so most of us know that people do not understand how probability works. They think that because some 1/10000 event just happened, that it is less likely to happen again soon or that another unlikely event is less likely to happen ( though technically sometimes this is true of course, sometimes if something happens , it *is* less likely to happen again ). Naturally, this is not at all true in *all* cases, as they assume. Now why do people think this? I am guessing that they just have no...

  18. Typical. As far as I can tell a significant portion of New Zealanders care more about the Rugby World Cup results than the results of the election in November. Makes sense, the World Cup resolves the massively important issue of which team is the best at rugby and gets to keep a shiny metal cup. The election merely decides the tiny matter of which pragmatic lunatics get to violate our rights for a few years. Yeah I guess that makes sense...*rolls eyes*

  19. "There is nothing so absurd but some philosopher has said it and some politician has not tried to make it happen ".-- to paraphrase Cicero.

  20. Cute Facebook, but I am not desperate enough to want to "befriend" Stefan Molyneux. The day I start befriending random anarchists is the day I eat my wardrobe for breakfast. Even ones that do have a "successful" radio show.

  21. The demand for "social equality" in actuality equates to the demand that one gain the right to crush everyone under their boot , equally as brutally of course

  22. It is David Harrimans birthday today ( well today in NZ, but I guess it is not technically till tomorrow ) ! All of those that have him on their Friend list go and wish him a good one. He deserves it IMO and is someone I admire greatly. He did after all write "The Logical Leap" ( with Peikoffs help , still), one of the most important books since Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology. Not to mention the Crisis in Physics lecture and many other very good ones.

  23. Well : Today has been a writing lesson. Turns out I overestimate the ability of some of my audience to understand that when I clearly imply I am speaking in a given context, that they will infer that. Looks like I will have to start blatantly stating the context, even when it fact it should be blindingly obvious.

  24. Random Person # 42 : "Well, what if you are *wrong* and there is a God? You are going to roast in Hell then? Can you afford to take that chance?" Me : "Well if there is some other God that will put you in some other place like Hell, just because you believe in God? Can you afford to take that chance" Random Person #42 : "That is absurd!" Me : "Yes, you are right, your claim is absurd. I am glad you noticed." [ Conversation ends with opponent looking indignant ]

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