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  1. I just checked by links, and I made an error. Here's the link to buy Ayn Rand Letter 1971-1976 (Hardcover): http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755
  2. Here are the used Objectivism-related books I'm selling via Amazon: Ayn Rand, Objectivists, and the History of Philosophy (Hardcover) by Fred Seddon: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 The Objectivist: 1966-1971: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 Ayn Rand Letter 1971-1976 (Hardcover): http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 The Fountainhead: An American Novel (Twayne's Masterwork Studies): http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 Ayn Rand, by Tibor Machan: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 From the Fountainhead to the Future and Other Essays on Art and Excellence: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 On Ayn Rand, by Allan Gotthelf: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755 If you buy over the weekend, I'll ship Monday. Buy during the week, and I'll ship the next day.
  3. Well that was quick. This item is now sold.
  4. Selling "Perennial Questions of Objectivism," the set of lectures on CD by David Kelley, for 43.77. Buy it here: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...6078011-0913755
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