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  1. ICS is information and computer science, it's basically computer science only you can get a BA or a BS in it. I actually came across this forum because I was reading an old objectivist msn board. The link to the board was on a website, and a thread in that board had the link to this site. Sir Llama
  2. Hi. I'm from hawaii, and I go to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I'm 19 and an ICS major. I also play alot of basketball and tennis. I actually got interested in objectivism through a forum debate. It was a whole bunch of people debating the existence of God, and the thread went on for pages and pages. There was an objectivist there, one of three, who was debating with the rest of the people, and I found that his opinions made perfect sense. It made alot more sense than any arguments made by theists, and it showed alot of the holes and contradictions in their arguments. So I started reading a little bit more, and now I'm here. I'm still looking for material because I've only just begun to get into this whole philosophy, so I'm hoping I can learn alot from this forum. adios Sir Llama
  3. Hi. I have a question to any of you who's familiar with Godel's Incompleteness theorem. I've heard people claiming to disprove atheism by saying that GIT states that a logical system cannot explain everything so therefore you need an irrational faith based system to explain it all. I thought that was a load of crap. When I looked up GIT, it said that logical systems cannot explain everything because there are an infinite amount of paradoxical statements where truth cannot be ascertained (i.e. "I am lying" or "This statement is false"). I dont' really see how this implies the existence of God. Am I missing something here, or do I have an incomplete understanding of GIT? thanks Sir Llama
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