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  1. I have not followed this entire thread but I did want to mention in passing that I wrote a blog on this topic recently: <advertising link removed> Recently I decided to define "genetic egoism" as the "rational self-interest of the genes".
  2. Here is a quote that has been attributed to Ayn Rand: "I am interested in politics so that someday I will not have to be interested in politics."
  3. Would it be inappropriate to join a political party based solely on the philosophy of Objectivism, if such a party existed?
  4. How so? Well, I hope you can see how someone like me with the opposite position on these issues would not fit in with the Republican Party.
  5. I read this but I did not buy into it. The author suggests that the Objectivist political campaign either did more harm than good and/or that it was an inefficient use of resources. I'm not certain what evidence the author provides to support these claims.
  6. When you're the only one not praying and pledging, don't you feel out of place? When they find out you're an atheist, don't they ostracize you? When it comes to issues like abortion and gay marriage, don't you feel like you're in the wrong party?
  7. How can you tolerate all that praying that goes on during their meetings?
  8. No to the former and yes to the latter. Let me expand on that second bit and add that it is a means of becoming engaged without being compromised.
  9. The Democrats get upset when I say socialism is slavery.
  10. I find that a third party is an effective mechanism to promote your message. The Socialist Party was unsuccessful in getting its candidates elected but successful in getting its platform adopted. I found that my running as a Libertarian Party candidate gave me a forum I would not have had otherwise: http://croftpress.com/david/politics/speeches/
  11. The Republicans get upset when I don't join them in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  12. I created a webpage for a new political party based on the philosophy of Objectivism: http://www.ObjectivistParty.org/
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