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  1. One of the links on the auction site gets me to a thread on a forum where a user "refutes" Objectivism. Great reading: http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=950457
  2. http://www.wired.com/news/digiwood/0,1412,63343,00.html Low Power Radio Stations in Berkeley are popping up for "freedom of speech."
  3. America's postal service also holds a legal monopoly, and America is also a socialist democracy, though to a lesser extent.
  4. Hi, I go to high school in Evanston, IL where I publish an unofficial ("underground") newspaper that I steer towards Objectivist principles. The URL is rightstuffnews.com There are lots of good posts here that answer some of my questions about Objectivism. I'm going to try to read OPAR soon.
  5. So, if he refuses to admit that he values his life more than anything else, I should call him dishonest and stop talking to him?
  6. Wow, you are one step ahead of him y_feldblum. He says that "if [quantification] were so important, a process could be introduced to measure serotonin levels in the living brain. But it is not. We can pretty well measure happiness through facial cues." And he goes on to justify selfish actions by his inclusion into the greatest happiness number. "In your second point, you forget that the happiness of the measurer is included in the measurement. If the world became indifferent to my suicide, I would decide against it nevertheless in order to secure 58 years of further pleasure and spare however many seconds of pain. If my starvation were unimportant to all others I would still eat."
  7. Well, he says that the selfish goals in capitalism are justified because they indirectly create happiness for all. I don't know how to show that that is upside-down ethics.
  8. How should I convince people that their life is their highest value, not "greatest happiness for the greatest number"?
  9. I was reading mises.org the other day where I encountered the word praxeology. I looked up the word, and it seemed to be similar to Objectivism. http://www.praxeology.net/praxeo.htm
  10. What gives infants the right to life?
  11. How do you guys get unalienable right to life from man's rational faculty? That always seemed like an arbitrary jump. Or does the reasoning go something like this? The best way for a man to use rational faculty is to say that other men also have it and that it is in everybody's interest to choose a political system that allows that.
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