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  1. I agree. The book is not really dated, but the movie - set just a few years in the future - can become dated very quickly, especially given the amount of surgery the story will have to undergo to make the transition. There are many current events which suggest the course of events that'd be depicted in a modern screen version. However, there are an overwhelmingly large number of everyday events which would appear to be in contridiction of events which would have to be portrayed in the movie. Realistically, there are a large number of business entreprenuers worldwide that do positive things
  2. One could say that Ayn Rand liked drugs, or at least nicotine, because most of her characters were furious smokers. Of course, smoking dangers weren't as well documented or receiving as much notoriety when she penned her novels, and she clearly liked the using cigarettes as symbolism of man's intellect (controlling the flame). All that aside, it is clear that any recreational drug that adversely affects the ability of ones mind to reason would be 'reasoned' to be dangerous to one's own good - and therefore contrary to Objectivist ethic. Less powerful drugs such as cigarettes, alchohal, caff
  3. The goal has to be rational to have value. Irrational goals have no true value. Humans seeking self preservation, prosperity, health, and happiness will seek true values, a clear statement of their rationality. Each human's life is a value unto itself. Everything outside of its own existence, but which impacts on its existence can be either beneficial to or detrimental to its life. All relationships that life experiences are analyzed by that life and evaluated as good or bad. It is well documented in nature that life simply choses living, growing, and reproducing - automatically. Nature imp
  4. I'm 55 and signed up for this forum because I have recently re-read Atlas Shrugged (about 5th or sixth time), and started looking on-line for information about the upcoming movie. The forum is relatively easy to find, and signing in and voting (my age) were part of my renewed curiosity. I have two comments - 1) older people who are immersed in business are usually quite involved in emails and the internet - and for any leaning towardss objectivism, it's immense value as an informational resource is abundantly clear and enticing. 2)older people, who have probably read Ayn Rand years back, have
  5. Although, he is not available (and would now have been too old) for the role of Franciso D'Anconia, from the first time I ever read this book..I have always clearly pictured Gilbert Roland as Francisco D'Anconia. The had the bemused confidant smile, a rugged good face, the humor, and the proud carriage that helped define Francisco. They need to find someone that looks like Gilber Roland for that role (he'd even played a 'Cisco' once before). http://www.briansdriveintheater.com/gilbertroland.html
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