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  1. Emperor of Miami, Pat Riley; the King, LeBron James; and D-FLASH-Wade tip off against the Lakers tonight.

  2. GAO reports over 200billion in duplicate spending waste. The GOP's proposed cuts are only half of this. *cynical laughter*

  3. haha. I think I have gone without posting for six months numerous times, so I don't think that will be a good standard. See, I think, where that guy that cut his arm off failed, is with him not bringing along a camcorder. Instead of making a docudrama, he could have made an authentic, autobiographical documentary; or, at the least, had created a viral YouTube video.
  4. When I first watched this video--it came across twitter--I thought some Tea Party conservative made it, due to the Sheriff Joe thing that popped up. Strong speech though. Thanks for the recording.
  5. If you don't see a value in something, then it shouldn't be very high in your hierarchy of values. So I don't see anything wrong with your position. I wouldn't put anything on the back burner for the sake of something of lesser value. But, really, I don't see how your relationship with your boyfriend is such a big deal; it doesn't seem, based on your brief description, to be very involved and time consuming. However, I do think that relationships can be of value. I personally don't have very many close relationships, yet I still seek them. Maybe what the therapists or counselors are getting at is that you should be seeking value from many things, and it would be inappropriate to simply shut out social relationships, and, if you are doing this, it may be due to some sort of underlying issue that they want to help you with. As far as your statement about wanting "the freedom to be able to hike in a secluded forest for a week without anyone knowing where [you're at]," I don't see anything wrong with this. It kind of a romantic--in an adventurous way--idea or plan. Really, one of the benefits of not being in a relationship is this sort of activity, where one can do just about whatever, whenever. I routinely go places without telling anyone, and, concerning nature, I plan on taking a solo hiking trip in the Minnesota Boundary Waters when things warm up. Some docudrama, (127 hours), isn't going to change my mind about that.
  6. "I've got tiger blood and Adonis DNA." --Charlie Sheen

    1. Black Wolf

      Black Wolf

      Charlie Sheen is more of an arrogant jerk than he's worth

    2. RussK


      This is a nice feature; I didn't know that one could comment like this. Despite his seeming self-destruction, I thought it was funny; the same for his comments about 'practice.' :)

  7. Time for the Oscars

  8. Now on to Strike Force

  9. Friday Night Fights, ESPN2

  10. So, CBS, I'm sure you knew that your journalist was sexually assaulted by throngs of 'freedom and democracy loving people,' in Tahrir Square, right? Did you decide not to report this news so as to not harm the presentation (read: false, fabricated image) of this mob and their jubilant celebrations? If so, it is a disgusting example of editorial manipulation over which someone must be fired or forced to resign.

    1. SapereAude


      Just as bad- many in the media and in the comments sections are blaming the victim.

  11. Madonna: "Lady Gaga, quit copying my songs."

  12. I've had the same email account for 14 years, and I never really had a problem with spam until joining Facebook and twitter.

  13. So what's going to happen: military coup, dead protesters, a storming of the palace, or will the protesers go home? #egypt

  14. Days after the game people are still talking about the groupon.com commercials. I thought both the Tibet and Rainforest spots were good. They reminded me of the pre- dotcom bubble, splash ads that turned Super Bowl ad watching into a craze.

  15. Good game GB, I knew you would win. Mike Tomlin, you are a class act and the future of NFL coaching.

  16. Lets get this party started! Looking for a good game by Sam Shields and a better game from the Steeler's D. Oh, and with the owners wanting a 20% salary cut and two extra games, get ready for the walkout next year.

  17. Mad props to the high school kid that showed up on Friday night fights on ESPN and did great things.

  18. "Sanboune, you don't say no to me, I say no to you"

  19. Recently, a Chicago area car salesman was fired for wearing a Green Bay tie to work. I couldn't agree more; I would have fired him in a heartbeat for multiple reasons.

  20. From what I've seen during the past few weeks, I don't see the Packers losing to the Bears; Green Bay has dominated everyone, playing the best football in the league, sadly-- to the detriment of the NYG. That said, I'll still be rooting for Chicago.

  21. I just saw someone, presumably National Guard, walking through campus wearing his IBA and assult pack--both brand new, without a stain on them--with civilian clothing...

  22. Great. Finally get back home, and now I have to go on a snow covered roof to clear the sat dish. Did I mention I hate snow and satellites?

  23. Spent 11 hours butchering two cows yesterday, and now time for the drive back to Mn.

  24. RT @TOSjournal: "A new climate model...is showing that the projections of doom have been wrong": @IBDeditorials http://bit.ly/f6YBJt

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