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  1. On a side note, I like what happened to Hitchens, from Chomsky's lapdog to key neo-con in 5 years.
  2. In AS and FH Rand seems to make the arguement that political action is not needed as the nature of political evil is illusory - it exists soley at our consent and is not self sustaining. How did Rand, and the early movement of the 60s see political/cultural action? Was a system like Marxism defined showing the enemy's nature, his end, and a utopia?
  3. In AS, Franscisco D'Anconia gives a speech on the meaning of money. He seems to imply a direct relationship between productiveness (the cause) and money (the effect). My question is not whether this is correct (I believe it isn't) but on whether corruption can enter said relationship and what to do when it does. Can the pursuit of money become a harm to someone, even if the wealth is legal and benifits the material environment of a person moreso than if he/she had not made it their main goal? Can a leaf disconnect from a root and what happens when it does?
  4. I'm 23 and nofearnolimits reminds me a hell of alot of my experiences at 17. The only reason I can see to justify such age based attacks is the tendency for teens (at least those in my old debating team) to adopt a veiw with great enthusiasm without any real knowledge of the issues. If I had a penny for every Marxist 18 year old who has never actually read Hegel, Christians who have never read their own Bible (cover to cover, even once), Objectivist who has never read... a readable summary of Kant, I would be a wealthy man. A further problem is that some philosophies (in my experience) have
  5. My (limited) understanding is in agreemenmt with what you have said and I would actually go one step further, in my mind the entire understanding of the "Law" ( the Commandments) has been distorted by Christianity causing the kind of moralising this nut was doing. In my mind the "Law" was about the steps mankind needed to take to reach a godly life where the possibility of sin would not be realised and mankind would be free to live a good life, free of theft, murder, etc. Christians (at least most of the Protestant variety) hold the veiw that the Jewish religion is bound by a set of command
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