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  1. Hi all. I just listed my "Complete Works of Aristotle" (edited by Jonathan Barnes) on eBay. Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=160145753082. Thanks!
  2. Aside from Ruby's text, can you recommend any in particular? In addition, can you recommend any translations of the Organon?
  3. Seriousness, mainly. As is, the music was inappropriate (I don't mean offensive though).
  4. I didn't like it. The music set the tone - and it made the FH to seem like it is, I dunno, like a story about "the architect next door". The FH is a dramatic and powerful story, and that music did NOT match that at all. The shots of the buildings were okay, but Keira Knightly?!?!?! No way! She does not have the presence necessary to play any part in that movie.
  5. Excellent advice, thank you. My purpose in reading the book is not for any professional reasons, but rather to understand the science of logic; and even more generally than that, how the mind can reach truth. A secondary purpose would, perhaps, be - I am simply interested in reading a challenging book.
  6. If by universe you mean the totality of existence, then the answer is that it did not have a "beginning ". Time, as a type of measurement, cannot apply to the universe as a whole - ie. time exists in the universe, the universe does not exist in time. Therefore, the universe is eternal (eternal meaning exists outside of time). I haven't read it in a while, so I couldn't tell you if I still think it very helpful, but here is an article on this topic. Also, and if you are interested enough to spend some money, here is an article by Ron Pisaturo. I bought his philosophy of math articles, and am enjoying those, so this probably is good too.
  7. Hi all. I am a, well, poor college student, and I don't have the money to pay for any of the lectures I want to get from the ARB. I was thinking maybe of trying to get it from someone on this forum. Perhaps we could start a lecture service, where we can send each other lectures that we have in our collection. I am personally looking for anything by Peikoff or Binswanger (to borrow from someone or to buy), but in particular: Peikoff- "The DIM Hypothesis" "Unity in Epistemology and Ethics" "Understanding Objectivism" Binswanger- "Consciousness as Identification" "The Metaphysics of Consciousness" But again, "beggers can't be choosers". Please let me know!! (And yes, I know about getting lectures by starting a club...)
  8. You should give us direct links to ones you like the best.
  9. "Are these sentences grammatical?" What does that mean? Grammatically correct? Is this for a class or something?
  10. I would agree that intrincism is probably the most important (bad) idea people leave Christianity with, but I think the "concretes" (not scare quotes) are still substantial.
  11. To throw my two cents in: I think that what "Matthew J" means is that for him it will take a while. Integration of a philosophy, and the difficulty in both understanding it and applying it to one's life, can be a very difficult task. The difficulty lies in the mental state that a finds himself is in. For instance, a person (such as myself) who has been taught Christianity from childhood holds subconsiously (i.e. has integrated) a lot of bad ideas (e.g. altruism, faith, etc); and it takes that much longer to get rid of them. There is nothing inherent in O'ism which would take it a long time to digest - as it is concievable for someone to have read AR once and have an easy time digesting it (e.g. a person raised by an O'ist family).
  12. You're welcome! Another great post. I would agree with the majority of what you are saying. As Peikoff pointed out in "Fact and Value", Objectivism is restricted to everything that AR ever wrote on the subject. So to me, to say "I am an Objectivist" is a huge thing - it means (techincally) you are in complete agreement with everything that AR ever wrote on Objectivism. I think, then, that "student of O'sim" is a much more accurate term for the majority of us. Additionally, to say "I am an O'st" may imply to a non - O'st listener (given the above proviso) that you are an authority on her writings, which may or may not be the case. To speak from experience though, I think many people attach "O'ist" to things (including it's position on things, to people, etc.) when they mean "in basic agreement" or "generally consistent" with.
  13. Excellent post. I can try and find it for you. I believe it was in "Ayn Rand Answers", where she becomes indignant (and rightly so) concerning a question which misrepresented her views (the origin of the misrepresetation being a student, if I remember correctly). If anyone knows what I am talking about, please go ahead and post!
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