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  1. Where they learned their morals may have been omitted on purpose. Morals are something that one person should apply and practice regardless of backgroud/influence. It's up to the individual.
  2. Oh excellent, thank you for your response. I had planned on starting at a community college and getting my associates before transfering to a state university. You see, I was under the impression that even the basic theory courses required that I had already known what I was doing. How do I define a good teacher? How often should I take lessons, I was thinking that 4 times a month we be an adequate amount.. More? Or possibly less? I'm a quick learner and have no problem applying myself when given something to apply myself too, so becoming over loaded with material would not be a problem I think. I have another question, and though I'm sure it would be better suited for the career counselor at the college maybe you can answer it just as well. Aside from the obvious style difference, what sets a jazz and classical degree apart? Thanks again Arete. =]
  3. Excuse me.. I'm sorry, this is not on topic.. I occasionally browse these forums because of all the intelligent conversation one might find.. At any rate, I've noticed that most of the musicians here seem to posesse a vast knowledge of the theory found behind music, so I thought I may as well ask one of you a few questions.. I wish to obtain a degree in Jazz or classical theory.. I play a guitar for my instrument.. I have heard that most of the people who begin their degree in this field already have a strong grasp of the basic concepts of musical theory.. I lack this knowledge, I have never had any lessons and only possese a mediocre level of technique. (I've played 5 years now with near dilligent practice) So my question is.. What do I need to learn before I can begin, is it reasonable for me to have this knowledge by spring, assuming I work hard at it? Again.. I'm sorry that this not even -remotely- in the correct forum.. but it seemed like a good place to ask none the less.. I appreciate any positive feedback I may recieve, and thank you.
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