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  1. I didn't see it that same way Olex. It seemed to me to be more about the importance of courage and Willis's character's frustration with the lack of it in today's society. I thought the message was that many people today (or perhaps always) are unwilling to do what is right. Heroes are the one's who take a stand against evil and protect values. I could just be projecting though....
  2. "Thank You for Arguing" by Jay Heinrichs. Fantastic.
  3. Actually, this movie is incredibly tame in terms of foul language. I believe it's the only Die Hard to be rated PG-13.
  4. Although it was not exactly intellectually or philosophically compelling, Live Free or Die Hard was refreshing and extremely entertaining. It's rare to see movies these days with REAL heroes fighting REAL villans (semi-nihilists). Anyone else seen it?
  5. I am pretty sure the term "international terrorism" is used for two reasons: 1) It most likely refers to the actions of Fransisco and Ragnar, who are seen as villanous for the first part of Atlas Shrugged. Therefore, the negative connotation of "international terrorism" fits, especially because pirates are viewed with a more possitive light these days. 2) The term "international terrorism" is sensational and relevant to modern society. "International terrorism" is probably just used to help the movie's publicity. By the way, I really hope they do not add a new plotline about Muslim extremists. Atlas is deep enough as it is.
  6. Wow, I thought the student protesters actually might have some decent reasons for opposing Sarkozy's new policies, but hidden inside the Rueters article on Drudgereport all I could find was: "Sarkozy has promised to make higher education reform a priority and wants to introduce a law before the end of the summer to give universities more autonomy, handing them power to hire and fire staff, set salaries and manage their assets." Also something about encouraging vocational training. Wait they are going to allow schools (that we attend for free) to manage themselves.......let's f*** up some cars!
  7. Sarkozy wins, Socialists and leftists riot (probably because he wants to end the 35 hour work-week and reduce the role of government). Does anyone think Royal had anything to do with this, she said last week that if he won there would be violence? Anyway, France seems to be moving in the right direction if only they could stop these rioters from destroying the little private property people can have.
  8. NAKED Nudists Advocating the Conservation of Earth's Deserts any thoughts?
  9. Yeah, thanks, I remembered this morning. Have you seen the movie Laszlo?
  10. We just finished watching Alfred Hitchcock's Rope in my film class, and my mind was blown. Aside from the amazing technical skill evident throughout the movie (continuous filming on one set for about an hour and a half before the use of portable steady cameras, the lack of a score, incredible color, a skyline with a fabricated sunset, etc) the movie is gripping in its screenplay. Not only that, it is is rich in philosophy. Based on a famous trial (Loeb and someone) it is the story of two Harvard students who kill a fellow student after either misinterpretating Nietzsche or at least expanding on his ideas in the wrong direction. I would hate to give away anything more about it, as I have only explained the first two minutes. Anyway, I highly recommend this movie not only for its aestetics and entertaining qualities, but also for its themes which were a suprising contrast to what I expected after hearing the synopsis.
  11. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...,944914,00.html There's nothing new under the sun.......
  12. Moebius, the fact that the movie inaccurately portrays Spartans does not change the fact that the heroes in the movie were great men upholding Objectivist values in their fight against tyranny and mysticism. History was played with to enhance the movies theme.
  13. Okay, so back to the idea of private jails...... (not that India isn't important) I think issues with corruption deal with privately run courts, not jails. The jails would not be in charge of administering justice, rather they would execute the punishment that has been given. The government could give contracts to individual firms who own jails. The firms would naturally compete with each other to provide safer facilities for both the convicts and the outside world. Last time I checked, this is just a variation of how things are done now.
  14. Ok, thanks for the qualification. I was getting the idea that a lot of you were advocating open boarders with no restrictions. As for the arguements against illegal aliens, I believe the only valid one is preventing crime/terrorism. However, I think it is in a country's interest to have a cap to the number of immigrants per year. Naturally a screening process would slow down immigration already, so it might not be necessary. Also, I believe that for citizenship, proficiency, even at a low level, in English should be a factor.
  15. I am not exactly sure why the current immigration laws are immoral, if someone could explain I think that would be great. My main concern in general with illegal immigration is the possibility of the free entrance of terrorists. Perhaps it isn't as big of a problem as I imagine, but I don't know. I feel that for a nation to be secure it ought to have distinct boundaries that are protected. Anyway, what are some ideas to improve the immigration system in America? All I seem to see are complaints and somewhat ad hominum statements, which is odd due to the individuals involved in the discussion.
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