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  1. "Going to a strip club", for me, implies other people rubbing up against you, possibly loss of control (how many men will turn a woman down when she starts to kiss him?) and lap dances. All summed up in one word according to me: betrayal. He basically claimed that he paid for a lap dance when he went to a strip club, and he had the nerve to compare some sexual move I made on him to something the stripper did! No, he wasn't giving me advice, he was making a comparison between me and the stripper. This is a very uncomfortable situation for me and I let him know that. Then he explained that after his first experience, he cannot justify himself paying for that and has no desire to ever go again. Now he has completely forgotten that he said that. (Fixed quotaion block-tag. sN)
  2. Actually, I did speak about strip clubs initially, since previous relationship problems stemmed from strip clubs. I did my best to make sure that he was either opposed to the idea of strip clubs (I am not, I simply hold higher expectations for objectivists), or has decided not to go to them for reasons I determine to be good ones.
  3. I am in a relationship with another objectivist and we are entering some bumps in the road. Most of them come from miscommunication or lack of communication. One of our topics of discussion were strip clubs. He thinks it is ok to go to strip clubs whereas I don't. I appreciate all opinions on this topic and will commit to replys.
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