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  1. Hello everyone! Thanks again for all your insight, advice and critique. Tonight I managed to put together a very rough copy of my topic proposal, here it is. let me know what you think. ---- Phase One: Topic Proposal TOPIC: World History – Historic figures as products of their upbringing/environment. THESIS: Ayn Rand developed her philosophy of Objectivism out of resent towards the Communist reign in Russia under which she was raised; and out of awe towards American society, to which she escaped. 3 MAIN POINTS OF DISCUSSION: ● The philosophy of Objectivism explained in
  2. Wow, thanks for the quick responses! Well, I think the assignment is asking us to prove how someones environment may have influenced them to become the people they became and act the ways in which they did. As for the points, those sound excellent! In fancier words...how does this sound? How could I phrase them? - The communist regime in Russia was oppresive to the Russian people, and many wished to fight it. (then explain the awful communism and corruption, etc) - The momentum of the industrial revolution was building worldwide and challenging Communist regimes, such as the found
  3. Hello there, My name is Adam and I am currently a high school student in Ontario, Canada. I am currently enrolled in a World History class where we have been assigned an Independant Study Unit. In this assignment, we are asked to pick a significant person in history and explain how they are a product of their environment. For this essay, I would like to pick Ayn Rand and explain how she formed the philosophy and doctrine of Obejctivsm as a reaction to her upbringing during the Russian era of comunism/the Russian Revolution. Therfore, my thesis would read something like the followi
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