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  1. I started out as a hobby, it just evolved from there. Folks like what I can do. Besides, restoring photos like this one is fun. This is a 200 year old photograph that is on frosted glass. It got broken, I had to put it together like a puzzle and then scan it. Then I had to pull it together more then smooth it out. I couldn't return the image to glass, but I could give them a photo back of their ancester. They were happy with my work. Because I can't use Microsoft Word, I am a Mac computer user. And my mac is very old, so she kind of bulks when I try to run my net at the sametime I run my AppleWorks. I would love to have a G5 but my husband just had cancer surgery, he lost part of his nose, having skin graphs. Don't get sunburned or let anyone you love get sunburned. This cancer is the result of a sunburn he got at 9 years old, he is now 56. This one was the worse, he has had todate over 200 chuncks cut out of him. And we know, he will have to have more. So, money goes for treatements instead of wants, Thats life.
  2. Hi Megan Robinson. I'm in old West Tulsa, lived here now for 34 years. We are planning on getting out soon though. Our neighborhood has gone downhill bad. We bought a farm down in Pawnee county. Things here in Tulsa are getting bad and we don't even want to live in Tulsa county anymore. Our only problem now is getting something to live in at the farm, we can't afford to build a small house unless we build it our selves. We have looked at mobile homes but you know how many tornadoes we get, they are just a bit scary when you think of the storms we get. How do you like living in Philadelphia? I've never lived anywhere but Tulsa, shot, I've only been to Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas my whole life.
  3. There are way to many photos to post them here, would jam this board something awful. Here is the link Photos of our troops Support our troops, it is their sacrafice that keeps us safe and free. God, please keep them safe and bring them home, soon.
  4. She sounds like a good candidate for imagining her as a big baby, wearing a diaper, sucking her thumb and throwing a tantrum LOL. Talk about being unreasonable. Here is my great grandma's favorite sayings "Shit happens, don't wallow in it". "This life is your's to live, no one can demise you unless you let them."
  5. Develop a sense of humor, it is easy to smile at a illrational, over demanding customer or coworker if you imagine them as a baby wareing a diaper, sucking their thumb while throwing a temper tantrum. Your only problem here would be not to laugh out loud. A illrational or over demanding person will lose steam fast when you just keep smiling (with a twinkle in your eye, because you are really laughing at them inside). I remember hearing a saying, "Smile, and they will wonder what you are up to". While college is a worth goal, it is not the answer to every thing. I know many that have only had high school education or trade school that are doing fairly well for themselves. They knew what their limits were and what their interest were and went for them. And I know a few college graduates that have done nothing with that education, I think it depends on what courses you take. You are the one with the power to direct your life, you must decide what your strengths and weakness are, and then set your self a reasonable goal to reach. For example: I am 3/4ths deaf with damage to my middle ear so I can't do any jobs like being a nurse (can't hear out of that stephacope), or any job that requires balance, I'll never be a tightrope walker LOL. But I am a good artist, (even if they said in school that I had no aptitude for it and wouldn't allow me to take art class in school). I guess what I am trying to tell you is, don't let others define you. You know better then anyone what your strengths and weakness are, set you goals with in these boundaries and no one can bring you down, because you know yourself better then they do.
  6. Thank you Walker, I email them to ask if their spell checker was compatible with a Mac. I hope they reply yes, that looks like just the thing for me
  7. Thank you, Thank you. I think I know enough now to get around. I found that My Assistant, great feature, I love it.
  8. Ok, I haven't made myself clear again. What I meant is How do you quote or reply to a person on the board, not privately, also how do you quote what a person says and you be able to reply under the quote with out having to go to a word processing program and cut and paste from it.. I trancfered your reply to my AppleWorks word processing program, then I did a cut and paste and then clicked your QUOTE button once before and once after. Ok, I got that part right. I am afraid to click some of the buttons because their meaning is not clear, do you have a Q&A page that I can look at. Do you have this much trouble with newbies or am I the only one that is having problems learn her way around. Ok, I found the edit button, what does that report button mean. I think it means to report someone, am I right.
  9. Thank you AshRyan. This board is a little different then I'm use to, I do like the layout. How do you reply to the individual? On the other boards I've been on that was done by clicking reply under the persons nick. Here all I can find is a general reply button at the bottom of the page. It could be because I am using a Mac computer, sometimes not all of the features on a web site/messageboard will not come through for some reason.
  10. I'm new here so please give me some time learn my way around here. I'm a photo restoration artist, self taught from books. I couldn't find anyone around here to teach what I wanted to learn. This is my My Webpage Tears to Smiles Photorestoration, sorry if it is amateurish, I also had to learn how to do this myself and between learning to restore photographs and building a web site of my own, I chose to master the skill of restoration first and learning web site building second. I am a married woman, happily married for 38 years to my first and only husband. I have 3 sons, 9 grandchildren. My middle son was 100% disabled in the First Gulf War, he can't take care of himself so he is home now so I can care for him. I wish y'all had a spell checker, I am the worlds worse speller. Please disregard any spelling errors.
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