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  1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for the friend add!

  2. I share mine w/ G.W., Nancy Reagan and Sly Stallone. What a group! Edit: Oh, and I already wished him a Happy Bday on FB, so I didn't mean to seem rude.
  3. Santiago and I are going! We're going to the OBloggers lunch, OActivists happy hour and OEvolve dinner, and we're going to a shooting range while we're there (although we don't know where/when yet.) We'll also be taking the Lindy Hop lesson and going to the closing dinner/dance, as well as attending the complimentary events. I'd like to arrange a lunch or dinner for all of you we know online, like we did at Newport Beach a few years back. If anyone else is interested, let me know via email, PM or Facebook.
  4. I still don't get it. A few of her songs are somewhat catchy, the lyrics are generally dumb and that video left lots to be desired. It seems to embody the term "bad art."
  5. You can get a lot of intellectual ammo at the FIRM website and blog.
  6. I don't care for House. I liked Sherlock Holmes. It was fun, entertaining, witty and as stated before, reason prevails over mysticism. This film is a huge step in the right direction for Hollywood and I was thoroughly entertained for my $10. I was not expecting perfection. It's Hollywood. C'mon.
  7. We saw it last night and it was great! Reason and intellect prevail over mysticism. What more could an Objectivist want? (Also, the preview for Iron Man 2 was fantastic! Stark tells a congressional committee they can't have his device because it doesn't belong to the American people, "it's my property!")
  8. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2347...1507&ref=ts FB page created to discuss the show.
  9. When I feel as though everyone else is the problem, I figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  10. The Broncos were just pitiful last night. Three hours of my life I wish I had back. That being said, I'm still surprised and pleased they're 6-2. Looking forward to the rest of their schedule, I see a few more sure wins, so won't be a bad season overall. (Especially considering the drama during the off season.)
  11. Jonathan Hoenig wrote on this the other day. http://www.smartmoney.com/investing/stocks...rime/?hpadref=1
  12. I can't remember where I found this link recently. Sorry if it was here and this is a double post. (bullets impacting in slow mo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKdIKP1arF0 (great commercial...kid's reaction is hilarious)
  13. 2000 IU a day is not very much, unless you are eating lots of foods with Vitamin D in it or in the sun everyday. Under the commonly accepted school of thought, that's probably enough, but under the new school of thought that's emerging, you need and can take quite a bit more than that. I take 4000 IU per day and now that winter is setting in, I'm considering more since my sunshine time will be cut drastically. More info: http://www.dianahsieh.com/blog/2008/10/on-vitamin-d.shtml http://www.dianahsieh.com/blog/2009/03/mor...vitamin-d.shtml (of particular interest is Dr. Wills comment left at this blog post that talks about getting tested and how much you should take)
  14. I usually give them the amount of attention they deserve. Zero. We have bigger fish to fry than these morons, so why give them ad space here?
  15. I thought the purpose of that type of living environment was that it's economical, it encourages a sort of unity amongst the troops and prepares them for war-like situations?
  16. I don't put anything on FB a stranger couldn't know about me. In addition, I like to use FB for activism and share ideas with other O'ists. If you choose to post personal info on FB, good luck with that, but you certainly don't have to send a friend's request to anyone. If you don't have anything nice to say...
  17. http://www.facebook.com/kelly.m.valenzuela
  18. Whoops, my bad. I'm completely skipping over the Chargers next Monday and our bye week.
  19. I agree, Zip. I have a question though. I have no problem undressing and such around women that are heterosexual or gay men. I would feel very differently undressing or showering around hetero men or lesbian women. (Not doctors or my friend's lesbian mom when I was a kid, but I mean as an adult around other adults who are essentially strangers to you.) Now I'm aware that most hetero men and lesbians out there are not necessarily interested in me, but that doesn't mean I want to shower, groom myself or dress in front of them. Don't you think it could make individuals feel very uncomfortable, and rightfully so, if someone who could be sexually attracted to them is allowed to watch them undress and shower and such? Should we just start bunking everyone together regardless of sexual preference? Should we tear down the barriers in public restrooms, retail dressing rooms and such? Where do you draw the line? I'm curious. Other than that issue, I don't really care who they let in the military, as long as the individual has voluntarily signed up and can perform the duties that are required. My ex was in the Army. He told me a story once of a guy in his barracks he suspected of being gay. He observed the guy get up in the middle of the night, get something out of his foot locker and take it to the dumpster. My ex waited for him to get back into bed and fall asleep, then he went out and retrieved the items from the dumpster. It was Playgirl type magazines. My ex turned them in to his superiors and the guy was gone by that afternoon. The story obviously disgusts me and I told my ex as much. He just couldn't get past that it was a bad thing for his unit (or whatever group it was) and you can't take that kind of bad vibe into battle. (Why didn't I divorce him sooner? ) I can't help but wonder why type of discharge that guy ended up with. A dishonorable discharge can really hurt when you're looking for work.
  20. They're surprising the hell out of everyone here in Denver, but we're having fun, so we're going along with it. Ha ha! I love it! I never did like Bud Adams (or his nasty-looking hair piece), even when I was a die-hard Oiler fan! I agree that the Pats are declining and yes, it was fun to watch McDaniels celebrate his big win. I thought it was also nice to see how many Patriots players, coaches and staff members came over to hug him and talk to him after the game. He is obviously respected and missed over there. And after all the Cutler and Marshall vs. McDaniels drama and uncertainty pre-preseason, I think it's safe to say Denver is falling in love with its new coach. Hell, after a 5-0 start, who wouldn't? Pittsburgh next week on Monday night. I can't wait!
  21. Never heard of him in my 33 years of living in Texas. Wow, he must be a force to be reckoned with. Seriously, this thread is so very annoying. If you can't see the value of Yaron speaking honestly to millions of people across the nation, you're being ridiculous. If he were agreeing with Beck about everything, throwing his principles out the window, etc., it'd be different, but Yaron is consistent in his message and speaks up when he disagrees with Beck.
  22. Don't you think Brook making a name for himself, ARI and O'ism on shows like Beck's open the door that kind of opportunity? ARI doesn't have the funds to start its own cable channel, radio station, etc. They can use programs like Beck's to draw attention to themselves and be seen by a larger audience. Once there is demand for a product (an O'ist TV show/channel or radio station), someone will put up enough money to get it started. Nice cheap shot at Texas. Furthermore, I lived in Texas before, during and after 9/11 and the conspiracy theories were not well-received and rarely discussed. Agreed.
  23. Yeah, Orton is no star and won't carry us, that's for sure. I'm just hoping for more great defense all season with an improving offense. I think the new coach is working out well, and will continue to do so, improving along the way. It's been fun anyway.
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