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    I am relatively new to objectivism and will apologize now for what is bound to seem like my ignorance on some issues. I have read all of Rand's fiction and most of her non-fiction and feel comfortable discussing her philosophy but I am also seeking to gain more wisdom from some who are perhaps more well-versed. My career demands an adherance to reason, and while mistakes I have made in my life have contradicted reason at times I am glad to have found it at last and live by it now. I am looking forward to actively using my cognition amongst like-minded people to continue to help me grow as a person.
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    University of Colorado at Boulder
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    Former Montessori teacher, current insurance agent, and future civil or Constitutional attorney

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    I have recently discovered the joy of every sensation in life, and pursue hobbies and passions that help me feel invigorated, wise and strong: Reading, writing, snowboarding, rafting, running, gardening, cooking, yoga, pilates, dancing painting, and researching legal theory-- yes, I actually dink around with writing my own revised version of the Constitution at least three times a week. When I need to "tune out" and relax I tend to play my Nintendo DS Brain Academy or pull out some logic puzzles.
  1. I don't know... he's got a lot to screw up to even come close to equaling the ineptitude and evil nature of FDR, Wilson and Lincoln in my book. But who knows... the term is still young. He reminds me of FDR a lot, and that can't be a good sign The more I learn about FDR the more I wonder about Obama... I am reading a book called "New Deal or Raw Deal" about FDR and I keep finding argument after argument of his that Obama seems to be rehashing. Bleh!
  2. This is encouraging. Not only was I surprised to see so many large protests across the country, but I am quite surprised at the amount of coverage these protests are getting in the media. It's just too bad that the Republicans are trying to politicize these events to their advantage... as if Republicans don't tax and spend, too Edit: I failed to notice Zip's topic along the same topic; maybe the mods would be so kind to merge the two, if possible?
  3. Here's another example of someone trying to make BO sound like some kind of free market advocate. I laughed and laughed.... This author, too, likes to point to what BO says, and what he's read ... but he ALSO seems to look past what he's actually doing. Huh. Barack Obama is #1 Hayekian in the World The immediate responses to the article at the bottom of the page are encouraging, though.
  4. I voted for sex-segregation, but that is with the current "stall-design" in mind. Were there individual rooms where voyeuriusm was more or less ruled out, I would not be too opposed to the unisex idea: that's why smaller stores/ restaurants that just have one bathroom/one toilet don't bother me too much. When possible, though, I still prefer the sex-segregation. I am not grossed out by men's bathroom habits any more than I am by women: who are these women, for example, who don't flush the toilet after taking a giant crap?!? I think it is more of a safety and/or voyeurism prevention thing for
  5. "For You" John Denver (definitely my #1) "Unforgettable" & "When I fall in love"- Nat King Cole\ "Dream Catch Me" Newton Faulkner "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" Landon Pigg "Unchained Melody" Righteous Brothers "This Naked Woman" (I think it's by Nina Story... where's my ipod when I need it) "The Story" Brandi Carlisle "When the Stars go Blue" by U2 & The Corrs "All is full of Love" Bjork... and I am willing to take the flack for liking some of Bjork's stuff "Anything you want" Roy Orbison "I can't help falling in love with you" Elvis And despite the melancholy sto
  6. I wish I could set a bedtime and stick to it! I would kill to be able to go to sleep when I want to - which is usually around 10:30 or so - but pretty much every night there's something else that needs to be done (laundry, preparing for an appt with a client the next day, etc) that I usually end up staying up past that point. I don't even get home from the gym until after 10 for crying out loud! Then, when I do finally get to bed, I end up laying there awake for a long time: sometimes two or three hours more. I have tried to make the best of that time, to be "productive," but even though I am
  7. 4reason

    Dog Ban

    I couldn't agree more and yes, it is true MOST insurance companies will not insure your home or landlord property, or even you as a renter if you own a "wild animal" or a dog of a "vicious breed" (pit bulls, namely, but Chows are creeping in as problematic in the insurance world). Likewise, in Colorado, a landlord can legally turn you down as a renter if you own a pit bull, and they cannot be sued for discrimination on this groud (if I were a landlord, I certainly wouldn't want a tenant with a pit bull because if something did happen, I could be held vicariously liable). Some insurance compan
  8. Question: have you gotten to John Galt's speech yet? It's been a while since I have read AS so I can't remember if it is at the 3/4 point or past that. That speech may help answer a lot of these questions you're asking in regards to business. For one, your example regarding junk loans doesn't work because those loans are backed by the government. When government gets involved in business, it releases business from feeling the need to act in their own self-interest. Why worry if a loan is profitable if taxpayers take the biggest hit if it's not? When business is left to its own devices,
  9. I just recently celebrated my first anniversary with someone who is not an O'ist and I will offer that up as additional proof that objectivists can find love outside of objectivism. He has never read any Ayn Rand, or any philosophy for that matter and in most cases I would be troubled by that but his actions, his values and convictions more than make up for that lack. There are definitely certain types of non-objectivists that I would never be happy with: an evangelical Christian, for example. I think I would really struggle with anyone who was devoted to a religion... but my boyfriend is no
  10. Granted, I am not a male respondent, but perhaps a female perspective might help here: Contrary to popular belief women often struggle with this same issue. Many women, I believe, find themselves attracted to multiple members of the opposite sex even when they are in a committed relationship. I also believe many women love more than one man (let's keep it hetero for the sake of simplicity here), yet based on my conversations with women I know I think many women are like myself in that they only exclusively act on one of those loves at a time. There may be more than one object of attract
  11. While I am a firm believer in celebrating love everyday, I have to work late today, so my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's yesterday with a Hibachi dinner outing and will conclude the day today with chocolate fondue, strawberries, and some of my homemade vanilla sponge cake. Any holiday that involves the consumption of chocolate is great by my standards; I would still celebrate Valentine's Day in this manner even if I was single. Yummy!
  12. Yuck. This sounds like something Ellsworth Toohey would write. It's one thing to devote yourself to what you do, and stirve to excel in it, but to subjugate one's self. Hey -We could use this to assuage slaves: don't ever contemplate disrespecting your master... just subjugate yourself to his authority. IT's a long standing tradition in human history, so it's ok. Do what you're told to do and do it well; not because you wnat to , but because you should. Don't you feel better now?
  13. Well, at least we can say they are consistant in thier pattern of making our Constitutional government more and more un-Constitutional. Ordinarily I would find predicatbility in government comforting, but not this time. Anybody have any idea when construction will be finished at Galt's Gulch?
  14. Yes, factions were of concern, but their opinions about it evolved beyond this quote you reference. A good illustration would be to look at letters that ADams and Jeffersons wrote around the beginning of the French Revolution. The letters they exchanged between each other at this time were few and reserved - because they were starting to realize their differences. For Jefferson's real opinion, look at his letters to Madison. For Adams real opinion, look at his journal or his letters to Elbridge Gerry. Jefferson and ADams don't start to really be honest with each other (and Adams always more r
  15. Okay, I agree the phrase "vast majority" may not have been the best phrase to illustrate what I was trying to get at... True, there are MANY Americans out there who do oppose Obama, and I will agree with you that he is in the honeymoon phase. But what troubles me is not how much coverage he gets (or the coverage that his supporters get) but the nature of that coverage. The big emphasis seems to be how his election is being tauted as proof of the ability of a member of a minority group to rise to power: grandparents cry at the thought of his election because they think of what they went thr
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