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  1. I didn't feel like having the entire church like repent me or something :-P
  2. http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php Author- Rob Bryanton Because I haven't actually read the book, I don't believe I could have put this in the book review section but i thought a discussion would've been a lot better Basically it describes the 10 dimensions. I have always found this flash video intriguing. It says at the end that its not the accepted explanation of the string theory but I think its good to wonder. Tell me what you think.
  3. He tries to mix objectivism with religion. Which in itself doesn't make to much sense.
  4. Oh i forgot to mention the part where the guy was like "yeah, nietzsche believed in having faith in yourself, but of course, one must put all their faith in god".
  5. A good friend and me usually go to church on Sundays because his job is to play for the mass and I go to sing for the choir. So after one mass we meet up in the balcony and he said he had to give something to the priest and he handed me a book. I looked at him with a grin and said "You didn.t...." He had brought Atlas Shrugged with him to the mass. For the sake of the church revolting against me, I had put the book in my jacket because he really couldn't have been seen with the book seeing as how it was his job (he makes a decent amount for doing it as well). So after we were done we downstairs to get donuts . I still have the book in my jacket. While we were sitting discussing the mass and how religious people are so irrational. One of the choir members came over to us and started chatting with us. All of these people are under the impression we're religious. we winded up getting on the topic of philosophy and how the choir member's son majored in philosophy in college. My friend was trying to prove how the mind sets of the religous control them. We asked him who his son's favorite philosopher and he responded with Nietzsche. By now he was saying how we should be grateful that god gave us our gifts and put all of our faith in god for he will lead our lives. Well we had to get going so we said we had to run and while we were walking out my friend my friend whispered to me "Nietzsche was one of the greatest .philosophers that ever lived." The entire time i had Atlas Shrugged in my jacket.
  6. My father owns a GPS and he hasn't had much issue with it. Forr the most part its a very good tool. but more so speaking towards computers and internet, computers are a very handy tool but also can be a very harmful one at the same time.
  7. I drew this because I am a fan of this game. Tell me what you think.
  8. I am big into musical theater and I am very fond of the original cast with George Hern and all of them. The new movie was better than i thought it was going to be. Granted that none of the people in it were singers. The scenery was pleasing and i thought the art aspect of it was very well done. The singing needed work but hey, they did their best. I also thought Depp looked too young in the movie. Todd is supposed to be played by a mature man in his 40's-50's. The musical is the one I enjoy the most. he set was simple but effective. The voices were amazing and brought out the show the best. What is everyone's opinions on these two?
  9. I'm open to a lot of music genres. But my taste really lies with jazz, classical, and progressive metal. One of my favorite prog metal bands is Dream Theater. They have beautiful music. With jazz I like people like Coltrane, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington. etc. But I need to say I love the rat pack most of all. They just are great.
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