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    Psychology, fine art, romantic classical, writing, Objectivism, health.<br /><br />Likes: clean knowledge, clean laughter, honest exploration/knowledge-seeking, exuberance, self-knowledge, passion, efficacy, profundity, anything that furthers and prolongs quality of human life, epic film/fine art/novels/music, authenticity, intelligent honor/integrity, fluid movement, the functionally aesthetic, the aesthetically functional, and the absolutely luxurious. Being alive. Beauty and Truth, sir!<br /><br />Dislikes: fake tans, tight-assed authoritarian repressors, straw men, stagnation, bullshit, revenge, druggies, being too cool or moralistic to be honest, achievement-haters, paradigm-limited judgementalists, groups without purpose, groupie-seekers, rebels without a clue, rationalism, bitterness, excessive sarcasm or gossip, politics.<br /><br />More: accuracy, achievement, action, adventure, aesthetics, aesthetics of spelling, Anne-Sophie Mutter, anti-aging, anxiety, art history, ateliers, ballroom dance, biotechnology, bondage, Bouguereau, Brahms, british humor, butterflies, California, character development, chess, chocolate, Cirque du Soleil, cognitive therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, complimentary strengths, condensation, culture, Dangerous Beauty, definitions, dissociation, efficacy, enlightenment, epistemology, ethics, etymology, evolution, exaltation, exponential expansion, felinity, figuring out what's worthwhile in MBTI, film, financial independence, first impressions, flow, flying, focus, foreign languages, free market environmentalism, freedom, functional yoga, Gattaca, genetic engineering, geniuses, grammargasms, hang gliding, happily ever after, happiness, heroism, hierarchy in education, hiking, honesty, human gods, immortality, individualism, integration, integrity, intimacy, introspection, investing, Italian Renaissance, Joshua Bell, justice, kisses, kittens, knowledge, laissez faire capitalism, laughter, learning, leather, liberty, life, light, linguistics, logic, lyricism, Mary Maclane, massage, men, Michelangelo, mind-body integrity, money, movement, Mucha, nanotechnology, neurology, neuropsychology, New York City, optional values, orchids, passion, Penn State, practical perfection, photography, pilates, poetry, preferences, pride, prime movers, psychology, ptsd, Rach, rand, reason, rennaissance, Ribas, rights, rock climbing, romantic realism, science fiction, Scrabble, sensuality, sexuality, Shawshank Redemption, sight-size method, silk, singing, slang, spirituality, standards, strawberries, sunlight, sustained joy, swing dancing, syntax, Taboo!, tango, tea, technology, texture, trauma, travel, trivial pursuit, truth, value, U2, velvet, violins, Waterhouse women, weight training, wit, wordplays.

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    Penn State (psychology), also National Academy of Design, Art Students League of New York

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  1. I have two favorite colors that I like for very different reasons. I love a rich, throbbing burgundy-red, for its deep, saturated intensity. I also love a lighter, cleaner blue-green - it's more active and energetic, yet calmer, somehow. A clean seashore to complement molten lava, perhaps. I'm also extremely fond of the range of colors possible in blues and reds, particularly in clothing. I love the rich variation and power in color as such, and in most color. One exception that I almost always hate is what I consider pukish not-quite-neon yellow-green. (Yet somehow the color doesn't bother me as much next to certain dark-skinned complexions, and never in nature - it only looks as bothersome to me in synthetic material.)
  2. Hi all. If anyone wants a gmail account, let me know. I've got extra. -D
  3. A good life coach is basically someone who can help you the way most decent people hope to get help in mental health counseling. It has a more proactive, positive, goal-oriented focus than most psychological counseling does. More present and future-oriented re: plans, dreams, and goals, and more for people who are basically good and normal but have some things they would like some authoritative help clearing up. As opposed to say, psychoanalytic theory, which focuses primarily on the past and understanding your mechanisms, and often deals with (and subconsciously encourages at times) serious dysfunction. I'd wager if what a person wants help with is very personal (social/romantic especially), it's probably best with someone who also has a mental health background, and having some info about rational disputation or more classic cognitive therapy helps. (Cynthia, for example, has a social work degree and has done a bunch of courses with various clinicians.) However, business professionals have taken courses in "life-coaching" and now basically serve as paid career advisors for their niche clientele. On the legal side, anyone can do it, and it's not moderated by the APA and mental health associations. Life-coaches are fighting to keep that status so they don't get into legal trouble or are held responsible for client interaction. Any client with severe mental health issues should be 'coached' to seek professional help if the life-coach is out of their element anyway.
  4. Hi Don - I remember! I've been giving out tons of gmail accounts lately. Hi again, Betsy. And to everyone else who may welcome me, thanks! -D
  5. I've been aware of this site for a while, but have only recently spent some time in the forum. I figured I'm overdue for an intro. My name is Desiree. I'm a 23-year old fine arts student at the Art Students League of New York. I love beauty and truth. I studied psychology (segued from premed with a neuro concentration) and minored in art history at Penn State. With my friends Kelly Koenig, Rick Smith, and Rafael Garcia, I ran a rather successful Objectivist club while there (7 speakers/yr the last two years, though it's defunct now). I also worked in cognitive-behavioral therapy and developmental lab research. These days I'm interested in the ideas of William Glasser and Martin Seligman when I find the time for it, though I'm better-versed in Beck's cognitive therapy and recommend the work of both Harry and Jean Binswanger in psycho-epistemology. (If you're looking for a life-coach, I recommend Cynthia Peikoff: [email protected]) Until recently, I was a registered OAC student and highly recommend OAC and any writing courses with Rob Tracinski; however, when my vocational field changed I had to consciously reprioritize my time. I'm still very interested in philosophical discussion, but in all fairness I should warn individuals who may be interested in engaging me that I have negligible tolerance for rationalism or its mother, intrinsicism. I am this way because I love truth, and rationalism too often wreaks havoc with Objectivists because they do not know how to check against it; unchecked, it undermines truth, and therefore life, to the very people who would otherwise embrace it fully. I have a weekly blog at the website of the Quent Cordair Art Gallery, where I meander about whatever I like related to the arts. http://forum.objectivismonline.com/uploads/emoticons/default_pirate2.gif' alt=':yarr:'> I'd recommend a bunch of artists and art links, but I'll just endorse Dave Veksler's links instead. Do check out Martin Eichinger's sculptures; I've noticed many Objectivists have never heard of him and I absolutely love some of his work (Essence of Brimstone, Whirlwind and The Dance of Yes and No). I am looking for a good part-time job, and always good art projects, so if you hear of something let me know! I am available for such projects as: book illustrations, portrait sketches, gallery or studio assistantships. I also have experience as an assistant in both a personal and executive support capacity, so would very much welcome that sort of position as well, either locally or via telecommute. I live with my love, Jason Crawford, in midtown Manhattan. Best Always! -D
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