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    I am a 56 year old man, that read "The Fountainhead" in about 1970. Like many, I identified with many aspects of Howard Roark's character, and recognized an elemental honesty, intelligence, and courage in all of Ayn rand's writings. I read everything she wrote, subscribed to the Ayn Rand letter, read Nathaniel Brandon, and attended one of her lectures in Boston. In short, Ayn Rand made a very sizable contribution to the development of my thought processes, by confirming thoughts and feelings that I had always had, but could never explain or express. I live in Stone Mountain, Georgia, restore antique furniture, and record "outsider music" in my basement. I have not persued any Objectivist related topics or events in decades, but the philosophy of Objectivism crosses my mind and plays a part in my thought processes every day, and always will. I don't consider my self a "card carrying" member of the Objectivist lifestyle. Only because, I'm not a joiner of groups of any sort, even ones that I may think highly of. I am also greatly influenced by the teachings of my father, who was illiterate, but full of wisdom, love and horsesense. wane
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    Giving meaning to my existance.

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