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  1. because i havent looked into it at all yet. like i said, im new to philosphy. its all very interesting.
  2. i support all of our troops, and i personally do not want to join but i support them 100%. As for our government, who sends them everywhere, well... thats a different story.
  3. I believe a girl is truly beautiful if she has the same rational attitude as me. getting along life fine and having no worries at any problems. what do the rest of you find most beautiful in a member of opposite sex?
  4. it all comes back to rand's statement of self- interest. If you seek rational interstests you must realise that in the end, you live for yourself. the fact that you may feeling like you cannot live with out her, may be your self interest. dont worry about conflicting beliefs of desires and interests. do what will cause the happiest outcome and it will make sense.
  5. I am new to philosphy and have done some research. I don't know why but i decided one day that philosphy seemed interesting and the most appealing to me is objectivism and rationalism. I lean torwards objectivism since it deals a bit with man's sense of rationality. but anyway. anyone who can help me understand the two better and anyone else with questions, feel free to post here.
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