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  1. Earl Grey tea is good, but I am a coffee drinker! Strong, black, no sugar please!
  2. I prefer Guinness beer, but don't drink a lot of it. And a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon is nice with dinner.
  3. My kids really like it. I think I get more of a kick out how much they laugh about it than anything. I particularly like how they talk about skills. Geeze!
  4. We celebrate Christmas and call it Christmas. When our children were old enough to recognize the difference between how our family celebrates Christmas compared to friends and other family members who are religious - we explained we celebrate the tradition of Santa Claus, enjoy Christmas music and other holiday tunes, and love spending time with friends and family over the holiday season. Now that our children are older we've used the opportunity to explain the differences between altruism, egoism, egotism and so on. -Elizabeth
  5. I read this topic a few days ago and didn't have time to reply, so please excuse me if you've already found the answers you're looking for in the numerous, well thought out replies already posted here. First of all, the jealosy you have described does not necessarily sound like an ethical dilemma. I think it's terrific that you are spending time being introspective and it tells me that perhaps you question whether you were having an irrational emotional reaction. Due to the fact that you have described your anticipation of spending time with your wife only to have been met with disappoi
  6. This is an excellent thread! I listen to Neal Boortz radio program on occasion and he has discussed a National Sales Tax proposal. So far I haven't come to a conclusion on how taxes should be restructured, but I am certain that a simplification of the tax code is an immediate concern. I've only read basics about the Objectivist views on the purpose of government and possiblities on how to finance it in The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand - Chapter 14 The Nature of Government, and Chapter 15 Government Financing in a Free Society - and it appears most of you have read this as well. I
  7. You sound kind of like my husband. He wanted to give our daughter a middle name of Demosthenes(?) or Thunder. We had to consider how the names work with our last name since it is so unusual and 3 syllables. So we ended up agreeing on traditional names for both children - Rachel and Nicholas, their middle names are family names. Try to picture your son as a little boy learning how to write his name, a teen, then a man. Congratulations to you and your family!
  8. This is a pretty funny thread. Money does not always equal class, does it?
  9. Law Enforcement is a noble profession, as is serving in the military. My children are probably close to your age, and I’ve always told them that education should come first! Check in to ROTC programs and also think about any of the academies like West Point, Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy. If you would like to go in to Law Enforcement in the military, perhaps a recruiter can tell you more information on becoming a Warrant Officer. You might want to look in to obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice. After college you can decide whether you want to pursue a career as a civilian or
  10. Precisely what I thought last week when we heard he was dead. Any hint of a conscience?. Any regrets?. He didn't die a martyr, really. At least not in a grand explosive manner. His death was long, drawn out and confused.
  11. I think part of the reason Kerry lost the election may have been due to the very loud extremist views from a few on the left. That element seems to be the same who act out violently. If Democrats were to try to reflect honestly among themselves, I think they would see that the negativity and emphatic hatred by a few toward "mainstream" America has ultimately done damage to their political party. I've seen e-mail forwards already from some of them suggesting they become more tolerant of religion (Christians) again. So they will either continue with their Michael Moore approach or to try to
  12. I wonder if he's done self reflection upon his life. IMO he looked as though he's had dementia - for quite a while, so I'm not sure if he were capable. I wonder if he was afraid to die.
  13. At the moment my favorite film is: The Count of Monte Cristo #2 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind #3 Finding Forrester -Elizabeth
  14. This morning I watched BookNotes on C-Span as Daniel J. Flynn discussed his book Intellectual Morons. Daniel Flynn - Intellectual Morons He said he has an entire chapter describing the cult of Ayn Rand. He basically describes Objectivism as a "right" idealogy and he seemed to describe Objectivists as dogmatic. It would be interesting to learn more about his interactions with Objectivists. The way I understand Objectivism, it is not necessary to attempt to conform or rationalize in order to become a student of Objectivism and evolve as an individual. But I have heard others repeat the
  15. I don't have access to an unedited version. I'd be interested in reading the entire transcript of the latest release as well. editing my reply... transcript on aljazeera... Al jazeera (I'm not use to this type of format - hopefully I added the link)
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