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    I am 23 years old going on 45. I'm pursuing a career in Law Enforcement, most preferably on the local level. I enjoy the outdoors, nature in general...boating, fishing, hunting..seeing and experiencing the world around me. I live for experiences. I believe that all experiences, be them positive (falling in love, eating a good meal,) or negative (watching someone die, being sick, seeing war) have an absolute value; they all contribute to ones person. This is what I live for, because all of these experiences bring ME pleasure. I do not live to love...I love to live.
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    Eastern Kentucky University - B.S.: Criminal Justice
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    Assets Protection Agent
  1. Based on the results of a recent polling, nearly 100% of participants disliked being hit with a pole.
  2. If there is a "Revolution", per se, I don't think it is going to start as a producers' strike a la Atlas Shrugged. Instead, I believe it will start with the more common conservative; the base silent majority, including the religious right, and even the not-so-religious right. I don't know where many of the members of this forum live, but those of you who live in and around the Ohio Valley/Appalachian Area...Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Etc...know of our unique breed of "redneck." I would call them "rednecks," because any urbanite, northerner or west-coaster would pro
  3. I have an intriguing and sometimes fairly heated discussion with my boss at work about once a week. My boss is a Christian (Baptist,) actually studying in seminary to become a preacher...pastor or whatever. I am an Objectivist, and an Atheist. Reliably every time, the discussion whittles down to the basis for morals and ethics. He states that, as I do not believe in a god or holy scripture or holy word, there is no basis for my morals or ethics (his basis being the word of his god.) I explain to him that the basis for my morals, values and ethics rests in my ability to reason...my u
  4. I'd almost say its 50/50 per department. I've only worked as an officer for one police department throughout my career, but I've worked with many others, and done research on twice as many. Some agencies prefer officers to stay "at the ready," simply patrolling their assigned beats or zones waiting to respond to a call. That's reactive. Others prefer more proactive strategies, such as community oriented policing; whereas, for example, officers would be placed on foot in certain areas and tasked with developing and strengthening relationships with citizens on an individual level. Proac
  5. I've been thinking about this for some time, and I wanted to hear some thoughts. During college, I focused most of my studies on the subject of crime theory, leading to my degree in Criminal Justice. In crime theory, there is a pervasive issue known as the Dark Figure. The dark figure represents all the crime that occurs, but is not reported, due to, for example, failure of victims to report, inefficient research procedures, etc. There is another dark figure, even more impossible to quantify than the first; crime that does not occur. Expanding criminal justice to include all pro
  6. The qualifications for becoming a police officer, be it municipal, county or state, vary state by state. In Kentucky, you have to have either an associates degree from an accredited university, or four years of honorable military experience. You must also be able to pass a fairly strenuous physical fitness test, polygraph test, extensive background check, as well as a battery of oral interviews and written test. This is just the statewide standards for peace officer certification. Honestly, in order to get hired, you should at least have a Bachelors degree, or military experience as an
  7. There is a positive correlation between aspects of law enforcement, and aspects of the Law itself. As the laws change, those who enforce the laws change as well. Not so much on a personal level; i.e., an individual officer restructures his beliefs and values system in order to justify his actions to himself.....instead it happens on a larger scale. For example, if I believed that persons should be able to freely use, buy or sell heroin...I would not work as a law enforcer in a jurisdiction where such acts are prohibited. For some, it is easier to make small compromises, and micro
  8. Traffic direction, in most cases, is provided as a courtesy to the public. I used to direct traffic every morning at a busy intersection, as parents were taking their children to the nearby school at the same time that students were arriving for classes at the college. This intersection was without a stoplight...as it simply wasn't needed at any time other than the start and end of the school hours. I directed traffic there to limit congestion, and facilitate the smooth flow of traffic; so that everyone could get in and out quickly, people could cross the street safely, etc. Only a coupl
  9. As someone who has studied criminal justice, and worked in law enforcement for most of my professional career, I feel I can offer some insight into this subject from another angle. The police, peace officers, constables, whatever you might call them, are one of the proper functions of a government that might be based on Objectivist principles. The police, properly, would act as Stewards of the Rule of Law. As the law is the main governing force behind the state (in our case, the constitution) it is the police officers duty to uphold that law, and enforce it without regard to any one per
  10. True, but I think the TV Miniseries is going to have a great deal of influence on how the books continue to pan out. Personally, I'm afraid it's going to be a huge disaster (even with the theatrical prowess of Sam Raimi at the helm.) The fact that it will only be broadcast on WGN is a death sentence in and of itself. But, we'll see. To Tenure, the Sword of Truth series is most certainly adult fantasy. One might assume that this means muscular shaved-chest long-haired fabio-esque men embracing tender delicate women on the cover....but SoT deals with some serious adult philosophical issue
  11. Hah, I just read through some of the below threads and realized that I'm most certainly not the only Goodkind fan here. Looks like I'm preaching to the choir.
  12. I thought I'd make a recommendation as my first post...instead of the obligatory introduction. I've been reading the works of Terry Goodkind since...probably 8 years ago (long time for a youngin' like me.) His only real work is in the Sword of Truth series; the first book of which being Wizard's First Rule (soon to be made into a syndicated television series.) I would describe the Genre as fantasy...but not necessarily in the same league as Tolkien (definitely not Harry Potter either.) This is gritty, realistic, and well articulated fantasy. Goodkind is an excellent writer...a bit mor
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