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  1. I know what you're going through. I had it happen more than once in high school. I tried to be nice. It never worked. One guy guilt-tripped me because his mother committed suicide our sophmore year, and the other guy just followed me everywhere. I started just going to the library to get away from both and the one found me. He'd sit down with my friends and I, nag me to go out with him, and make everyone extremly uncomfortable. I never let him even think I was interested but I was not blunt about it like I should have been, and I didn't want to humilate him infront of my friends. At the end o
  2. I really liked Pan's Labyrinth. Visually it's stunning and I actually thought the ending was well done. I never viewed the ending though as having a particular message, maybe I should watch it again, it's been a few months since I have seen it. I really thought it was a very well done with great acting and some really unique visuals, it wasn't what I expected but it was nicely done.
  3. Thanks. I know a degree is not needed to be successful but the degree I am going for will teach me what I need to learn to better my art. I took an animation course at a n art school when I was in 7th grade. It was different and interesting but very hard and not something that's a lot of fun. I thought about cartoons and comics for the longest time, and even bought a tablet to get into computer graphics but none of that felt as fulfilling as fine arts, which was the last thing I thought I would enjoy. I had a teacher say they same thing and I remember just feeling horrified because hi
  4. While I am not fluent in anything but English, and barely remember French, my best friend is almost completely fluent in Japanese. She started off of those Japanese language discs just as a hobby. She wasn't very good at it but just the discs, after two years of using them, was able to start college in Japan as a exchange student. Now she is almost completely fluent, loves the culture and even considers living there after college. While it isn't what she is majoring in, it has been very important. She still had free time to read and work on art. If you are that interested in learning a forei
  5. I had all of those experiences too, though my friends humiliated me in person as well as behind my back. I realized though at the end of my 12th grade year I didn't really care and reading the Fountainhead made me feel confident when I decided to finally break ties. People would talk to me for a while and than blow me off in a cycle that lasted a good two years. I cried all of the time because I thought I would miss out on not having a large group of friends. I only have one real close friend now but I am not upset anymore. I am happy and content to paint. The others always thought I was a pru
  6. I know that when I am happy I don't feel miserable, tired, angry, or bored. Usually when I am painting and busy I am happiest. There have been many times where I have felt an overwhelmingly elated but I know that I am happiest when I am painting and working on a project because I feel completely content. I feel I can take my time on what I am doing while still looking forward to another thing. I feel no unease or worry. I am just there and content to be, and thrilled to be working on something and learning more. Though while I am always desperately lonely I don't feel any of it when I am happy
  7. My Name is Clarissa and I just graduated from high school two months ago. I usually don't do introductions on the few forums I have joined in the past but I wanted to ask some questions and explain somethings. I am still really new to Ayn Rand and Objectivism but from what I have read so far a lot of the basic philosophies and principles seem to match my own. At the beginning of my senior year I had been having various problems with my peers and my psychiatrist suggested that I read The Fountainhead. I kind of threw the book in my room and didn't pick it up until two months ago after I realize
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