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  1. I guess the reason why it has so many views is that it makes FoxNews look so stupid. It makes it look like they didn't know that these guests had an agenda and that most ossetians support russians.
  2. Usual FoxNews tactics. When everything doesn't go as planned they cut off guests mic or put on commercial break
  3. Historically it's georgian land. Ethnic ossetians have moved there from the north. Only reason why ossetians have majority there now is that Russia performed ethnic cleansing in the early 90's and installed pro-moscow leaders for these autonomous georgian regions. Russian invasion has nothing to do with self defence... do you know the size of georgian army? Geo-politically (world's energy resources) this is the center of the world.
  4. She is not serious. A person who really believes that existence doesn't exist, wouldn't survive everyday life!
  5. I'm lutheran (protestant) but have never believed the stuff. It's just a tradition for me.
  6. Just couple weeks ago someone called me "rand worshipper" and I had no idea what was that about. I googled and found out who she was. Since then I have been trying to learn about objectivism. I have not read her books, so bear with me
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