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  1. I've listened to them for quite a while. I can't resist popping them in on a road trip at dusk. If you like them, you might like Mogwai, who are a little more desolate than Explosions but still good. The only problem I see with Explosions is their lack of progression. So far they've sort of made a career on constructing the same song in altered forms. Granted, the formula works, but it gets a little boring for me.
  2. The Magentic Fields' original is much better than this version, imo. As for my favorite, I think I have to pick The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice
  3. I've just recently been getting into some indie/electronic music. I love M83 and Of Montreal, as well as Manitoba/Caribou. Animal Collective's latest stuff is very loop-based as well. I've always been interested in kraftwerk and portishead but never gotten into them.
  4. I've always had more underground/indie taste, but its not limited to bands I would only find on pitchfork media or anything. I like a lot of popular stuff, but I find it to be pretty shallow at times. Not in lyrics, necesarily, but the sound in general seems very...one dimensional. With bands like Radiohead, you get more subtlties and originality. And of course I know its just my opinion, but I just thought I would see more mention. I figured they were one of the more popular bands of the time, but I haven't seen much mention at all. And as far as Muse goes, they are a watered-down version of radiohead in my mind.
  5. A lot of indie/alternative stuff, favorites being Sigur Ros, Radiohead, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Mars Volta, The Hold Steady, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill, and a lot others. I'm really surprised I haven't seen more Radiohead fans. Granted, I've only looked through about 5 pages, but still, I see little mention. In my oppinion, they're the best and most relevant band in the world at the moment. Their output is varied and consistently amazing. They're one of the few bands that have yet to put out anything bad.
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