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  1. The guy who invented scantron tests is dead. RIP guy who made teachers lazy and students dumber.

  2. Saw a coyote on the GO train tracks!

  3. Anyone for UFC at a bar this Saturday?

  4. Western Highlands: Completed with sprained ankle and stiff legs. Good trip though.

  5. Off to Algonquin to conquer Western Highlands.

  6. Still eating dirt a day after Spartan Race.

  7. Portuguese = real life griefers

  8. 4 days to Spartan Race!

  9. Looking for small, light-weight tent, sleeping bag and camping pack. Buy or borrow, 1 or combination of the 3. Thanks!

  10. Survived first road trip on the 401. Might not survive the sunburn.

  11. @ the barber's; guess I'll cheer for England.

  12. I like how Athol Kay puts it in his blog "Married Man Sex Life". A guy needs to balance alpha/beta male characteristics. Some guys go too far both ways, but the right balance has to be found, depending on the couple. Can be something between 60/40 to 80/20 or more, but the man has to take the lead and that doesn't include being overly emotional in the early part of a relationship. His blog helped me put words to the way I already was acting in my own marriage, and we're fantastic.
  13. Any recommendations for used car dealers in Toronto?

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