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  1. Ask her to prove the existence of God. After a few minutes of nervous sputtering, her head will explode. Problem solved. Eric
  2. Bluey, I think you're letting them have a hold on you, and it's making you unhappy. I think that they should at *least* be willing to meet you halfway by not asking you to go to church, and not have religious discussions in your presence. I know all this from experience: my father agreed to this when I was 12 years old, and he and his side of the family are still in my life (although the blessing over Christmas dinner is still a bit... odd to me, like I'm having dinner with some primitive tribe in some jungle or something - I hold hands with them and sit quietly while they finish their "magic chant"). My mother never accepted my total non-belief in the supernatural, and in fact has gone completely off the deep end into mystic beliefs (feng shue, crystals, pyramids, eastern religions, etc) - and therefore is no longer in my life. In my opinion her mind has "cracked," and being around her is just too depressing to deal with. In PhilosophySpeak: Being around my father is a greater value, even though he's a Christian, than avoiding the Christmas dinner blessing and what little religion to which he exposes me. Being around my mother is not a greater value to me than avoiding all of her mysticism. From your post, it's clear that your family still trying to influence your beliefs and get you into religion is effecting your happiness. Your time and your happiness are important! Don't give it away for anything that isn't a greater value. Eric
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