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    th3ranger got a reaction from Harrison Danneskjold in Extreme Anti-Human Terrorist   
    Is there any way the first humans to be eliminated in his plan could be him and everyone who agrees?
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    th3ranger reacted to DavidV in Space Aliens Are Ignoring Us   
    This is not true. Radio waves fade in strength according to the inverse-square law. They are undedectable before they reach the nearest star. To communicate with our father-flung satellites (Voyager) requires massive antenna arrays that know exactly where to look - and they have not left the solar system. To communicate inter-solar distances would require massive concentrated EM bursts with energy draw on a Kardashev type 1+ scale.
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    th3ranger reacted to Black Wolf in Biblical Marriage   
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    th3ranger reacted to Kelly Bennett in Arguments for the Morality of Casual Sex   
    I did that thank you.

    Casual sex returns exactly 9 hits - None of which are my questions. Did you even read my post?

    If you think my question has already been asked please tell me which of the 9 topics I should read:
    I fantasize about other women <-- how to find just one woman attractive, is it possible? is it just the wrong girl etc…
    Does how your partner views [sic] sex affect your view of… <-- person asserting that sex has 'inherent value' and upset that his GF doesn't think so
    Youth and Sex <-- See title
    People who are sexually promiscuous make me mad <-- mad that people don't think of sex like he does/ people telling him not to worry about what other people do
    The "how many partners have you had?" question <-- how do you respond to this question / do you answer it, does it tell you anything about someone's past or present
    Why are men's clothes so boring? <-- see title
    I'm seeing a girl who has a boyfriend<-- guy thinks girl likes him more than her BF
    Study finds facial features correlate with good parenting <-- obviously unrelated.

    Did I miss something?

    And by the way, most of these topics are years old.
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    th3ranger reacted to bluecherry in Arguments for the Morality of Casual Sex   
    You only got 9 results turning up? Hmm. I've got two pages of threads when I enter those terms. This is the URL of my search results, in case we're getting different results. http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&andor_type=&sid=6472caa87aa5204a09a09cd568ee50ed&search_term=%22casual+sex%22&search_app=forums&st=0 In the two pages of results I got, there are definitely more relevant ones than the nine results you got, which I agree aren't the greatest for what you were interested in. This thread is a longer one I remember in particular which is made specifically about this topic, not just getting into it in a tangent: http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.php?showtopic=7645&st=0
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    th3ranger reacted to aequalsa in A Craiglist ad: just kinda funny   
    Talent call for short film: Self Hate in America

    Project Description:

    Self Hate in America is a short film about "Brandon" a child from an upper middle class home accustomed to getting blue ribbons for his 6th place performances. After barely getting his degree in environmental science he is unable to find a job, except as a Greenpeace panhandler. People's lack of generosity, his requisite low pay, and his own lack of a sex life brings him to the end of his rope and he attends a more extremest environmentalist meeting where he hopes to get on this bitch, Ashley. Soon he's befriended by "Sebastian" the groups leader. Sebastien takes him under his wing and soon takes over Brandon's life leading him down an path of anger, hate and murder and finally abandons him because Brandon banged Sebastian's slutty girlfriend, Ashley. To redeem himself as a mindless follower of the group, he tries to free monkeys in a medical research lab where he has to kill the postdoc who had just found a cure for HIV.

    Character Description:

    Brandon: 20-25 multiracial, (black, Hispanic, and islander; no whites, Asians, or other privileged races), good looking. I'm looking for a talented and professional actor that's willing to challenge himself and work for the earth, because I don't want to share the little money I make.

    Compensation: This is a low budget short film because I have no capitol and no one willing to back my poor writing with their money because the man is keeping me down. Compensation will be deferred(and by that I mean, non existent.) All meals, and snacks will be provided by potluck and everyone will receive a dvd copy of the film.
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    th3ranger reacted to agrippa1 in Is Objectivism Totalitarian?   
    A rational society would rightfully outlaw the propagation of speech which is a threat to the Constitutional principles of that society.

    An Objectivist society would outlaw political speech espousing socialism, just as it would outlaw political speech espousing the killing and eating of 49% of the population by the majority 51%. Free speech rights are not absolute, for the reason that some speech constitutes the initiation of force against individuals. (Yelling fire, and inciting riots are two easy examples)
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