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  1. There's also something to be said about the way in which George Floyd and his girlfriend were using SpeedBalls and its relation to the choice to live. If you are seriously committed to remaining alive then you do not engage in activities like that. I'm not saying that I, personally, am not in a similar position (with the way I've been drinking); just that it has something to do with the choice to live.
  2. I've been catching up on all of this over the past day (I needed something less relevant to my self to occupy my thoughts) and these are the established facts which actually seem in some way relevant. 1. George Floyd and his girlfriend had been doing "speedballs" (a combination of methamphetamines and fentanyl) for several months. This particular combination of drugs would not be easy for the most careful and forward-thinking individual on Earth to use responsibly. 2. Safety didn't seem to bear any relation to the manner in which they were using these drugs. They didn't se
  3. Is it racist to say that to a Hmong person? 🤣
  4. I've been reading about this in the newspapers off and on and I have to say, the amount of focus the prosecution seems to be placing on feelings is truly amazing. There was a woman who testified about how badly she felt for not interfering with the situation; how it keeps her up at night that she just stood by but that the cop is ultimately the one to blame. There was some firefighter who felt certain that Floyd was in mortal danger (which - yeah; so did everyone else who saw the video, but this doesn't tell us WHY he was in peril) and then some guy said that the whole situation seemed l
  5. I'm not sure if this warrants its own thread, but I just learned about this thing and I'd like to say a few things about it in a somewhat orderly fashion. This thing is called The Black Lives Matter. game. This is an alleged video game which consists of nothing more than an eight minute and forty-six second timer (which is an obvious reference to George Floyd's accidentally-assisted suicide). When the countdown reaches zero the application closes itself without giving any indication as to whether you've won or lost, except that you paid $1 for this very specific timer function and proba
  6. That one is in fact perfectly relevant. You might miss a few of the subtler points if you don't speak German but just watch the music video and I think you'll get its drift.
  7. BTW I absolutely love the response of the Welsh pub-keepers. "You're gonna declare our business illegal and shut us down? Well YOU'RE not allowed any more booze from us ever again!" I've been waiting to ask my own boss if I'm allowed to do likewise to the Dear Leader of Minnesota: Tim Walz! Haven't gotten a good chance to ask yet. But here's something!
  8. I don't understand any of it. I'm listening to the Podcast of the Lotus Eaters (with Sargon of Akkad) at least once every few days, so I think it's fair to say that I'm more up-to-date with British politics than most Americans. To be honest, I don't really care about that in and of itself; it's just soothing to me to hear him take something insane, break down all the reasons why it is so and eventually state so. I guess it reminds me that solipsism is not really the case. That's not the only place I hear about current events. Ben Shapiro, Yaron Brook and several others are
  9. Thank Galt he didn't back down on that!!! I think it's much better with all the complicated entanglements he chose to put in there than it would've been with one between Mal and Zoe. Also, thank you for letting me know about Big Damn Hero. Apparently it's one of the ones Audible gives away for free to all members, so I'm about halfway through listening to the audiobook right now and it's definitely almost as good as the show. It does seem like the Alliance and Mal's fight for freedom is pretty central to that as well, but I'll see if it's worth commenting about once I've act
  10. You really shouldn't. I think I'm right about the theme of the show, but maybe I'm not; what I can guarantee for certain is that you need to see it. Maybe start with Serenity (the movie which summarizes what the general plot of the show was meant to be) but it is in your own self-interest to start somewhere with that.
  11. I do. You're right; at no point during the show is he literally a soldier (because, just as in John Wick, I don't think flashbacks should count). Exactly. As I was rewatching it this morning I recalled all the bits about money and self-interest (which I'd forgotten) which really should constitute another theme that I'd say is coequal with family and less important than freedom. There's certainly a lot going on in that show, though. I think that might be part of why it's so good and also what makes it a bit more difficult to dissect than, say, John Wick: Thanks fo
  12. Why don't you watch all the Firefly excerpts I just posted and then tell me if any of them changed your mind?
  13. Not only does that second one introduce all the main characters pretty seamlessly but there's a particularly illuminating but about Mal's relationship with Simon at the three minute mark. And speaking of the movie Serenity, what's with the origin of the Reavers? Spoiler alert:
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