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  1. Should i hire a person who did an M.A. in Critical Studies from USC because he speaks mandarin and thai? i need a mandarin speaking person to negotiate in china. The problem is he shows altruistic tendencies. He thinks companies should practice corporate social responsibility. And my company can potentially go against the grain of political correctness.
  2. I recently read the Elliot Rodger's essay - "My Twisted World". I won't link to it or quote from it, because I don't want to popularize his ideas. But I do want to criticize it. What struck me the most the is that Mr. Rodger believed that consciousness had primacy over existence. His dad bought him the book - "The Secret" which is about something called "Law of Attraction" which is about how "wishing makes it so". Although he says he knew in the back of his mind, that the idea "wishing makes it so" is wrong, he wanted to believe in it. He wished for everything he wanted like the bo
  3. I am aware "alpha" isn't like we speak of alpha-males in animals. Our species don't have alpha males. A lot of species of apes don't have alpha males either. I just wanted to describe this indescribable quality of men who are successful with women. Women call it "men who make me laugh", "men who are funny". I mean the bearded guy in this video:
  4. In that case, I think I would be justified then to use, religious lies to motivate/manipulate religious people around me. altruist lies, to make people run after altruist goals which will end up benefiting me. a sermon designed to induce unjustified guilt, to make people feel powerless against me. Because they are being irrational by not rewarding my competence, and by trying to make me act irrationally so as to earn rewards from them. Quid pro quo. Agree? Just as we should use violence to retaliate against violence. Why not use weaknesses-es due to irrationality against the irration
  5. I want the world to be a certain way. As a programmer I like well organized code and by that I mean, code without side-effects everywhere, code without mutable state everywhere. As a professional I like to be appreciated for my competence, and rewarded based on it. As a man, I like women to love me for what I have to offer: my competence, productivity, security, stability, support etc. (I am aware women don't want these, I will come to that later). As a philosopher/political being, I like my ideas to be accepted based on its consistency and correspondence with reality. Unfo
  6. To whomever it may concern: The reddit /r/objectivism has been hijacked by anarchist moderators. /u/JamesShrugged is an anarchist who wants to start his own flavor of Objectivism called AnarchObjectivism. He started his own subreddit called /r/AnarchObjectivism /u/ParahSailin the original moderator has now promoted /u/JamesShrugged as a moderator. /u/ParahSailin also has anarchist leanings, as evidenced by the fact that he removed my post to introduce my own satirical subreddits named /r/christianobjectivism /r/islamicobjectivism and /r/cafeteriaobjectivism /u/ParahSailin
  7. In case of the clients too I am too lazy to think if something is a new request, or already included. People are so covert and manipulative always I am too tired to fight each of their stratagems, so I agree to everything they say, until I start passively protesting when they want more and more.
  8. I would ask him to always think about his own welfare, and analyze every situation carefully before agreeing to or accepting it. He will need to practice, because he is prone to turning the other cheek and accepting what the world is doing to him. If he thought deeper he wouldn't need to blow up at the last moment, he will be able to blow up in slow motion, nip the problems he would face if he let things be, and stay in control. I am either a total push-over or a control freak. A part of me does ask me to be analyze and do what is good for me when giving the bike, but I refus
  9. Examples: A relative/friend of mine asks me to practice a certain religious rite. I do not believe in the said religion. A shrewd person would navigate his way out of this predicament, without causing undue & permanent opposition. A couple of friends wants to borrow my bike from me. I know they do not borrow bikes from others, and are asking me because I am easy to be manipulated. A shrewd person would be able to exit from this situation by cracking jokes which are not meant and taking it lightly. My client tries to change the project requirements when my manager is not around. They wou
  10. I lack shrewdness and tact. It shows, and it is obvious. I am always the victim, because people are constantly tempted to manipulate me. I know they are manipulating me, but I only know drastic responses to being manipulated: to burn bridges, to sink boats, to shrug, to be lazy, to procrastinate. I can't handle people who manipulate me without offending them. Should I change? I have switched around 5 jobs because of this. It is easy to get a job but hard to keep it.
  11. Sometimes when I get tired of not being able to convince people about the existence of Objective reality and our capacity to know it, I push them into a D2 from their D1. And watch them squirm to find footing. I seem to enjoy the sight of their philosophical frustration because they refused to be I. Is that moral? Sometimes I feel it is Justice that they suffer, and I should not be merciful.
  12. Even before I read Atlas Shrugged, I have always thought of myself as Eddie Willers. I have a crush on the same girl as long as I can remember, but she married someone else, although she knows how I feel. I like to do charity occasionally, but it is not the purpose of my life. I am pretty damn serious about morality, but I lack something that my heroes have. My heroes can deal with anyone. I can't. I can only deal with a certain kind of people. And this has always been my Achilles heel.
  13. What if one declares the Supreme Being to be his own self? Is everything else in Freemasonry aligned with Objectivism? I ask this because based on a guess I have a feeling that Freemasonry requires it's members to stick to anti-Objectivist ideas like unchosen obligations towards others in the fraternity.
  14. Have there been any attempts to automate Concept Formation or Measurement Omission or identification of Conceptual Common Denominators? I understand that concept formation requires volition, which has not yet been automated. But surely someone would have tried to automate some automatic element of concept formation no?
  15. Do the following rights exist? Or are they needs misunderstood as rights? 1. the right to anonymity. 2. the right to "not being recognized/identified without consent". 3. the right to privacy. Recently German government banned Facebook's use of face recognition for auto tagging. They & others cited the above rights as justification. I am wondering whether what the German government did is moral.
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