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  1. The same rules that apply to private property. The question is only what exceptions are made, this not being one of them. Not likely.
  2. The Myth of Applied Toleration Is tolerance understanding, is it judgment or is it something else entirely? If it is understanding, if it is judgment then it cannot come from the side of a cartoon, an advertisement or a gun – instead it must come from free deliberation by the minds of free men (and women). Consequentially toleration can only be formed by the dual exchange of separate ideals, equally. Taking that in mind why would the statement “Understanding cannot be compelled” (which is John Locke, I hasten to say) be such an important contradiction in the policy of our current governmen
  3. SoCal! Near/around Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio. Whichever you've heard of - basically the same area.
  4. It's a sad reflection that laws like these are enforced, and I mean that from a very pragmatic position. While the existence of public property is a point of contention, since it does exist (and will exist for the long term future) I'm going to just accept it's rules for the time being in deliberation. That said, this law likely does need to be required to prevent abuse of public facilities. I hate to sound so elitist, but there needs to be some levels of decency that must be met. Having some squatters abuse the purchases of honest public servants, does invoke the need of one's tax mon
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