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  1. No, I seek for a positive definition.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I was considering lately: negation. As it is the negation to think, judge and act that characterize this kind of people the most. Their refusal to accept any form of good or value, by effect, they reward all that is negative and punish all values and goods. In that sense it is indeed very close to evasion. It is easy to judge that the negation-worshipers are more evil than the zero-worshipers.
  3. I am attempting to Identify and define archetypes of human beings. During this process I've realized that one archetype's main attribute is negation of judgment as such. I know there might be correlation between judgment and reason, yet the faculty of reason encompasses numerous fields and it is specifically the action of judgment that is avoided. Therefore, to define this archetype I would like to know what is the antonym of judgment?
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