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  1. Well, I can give you many reasons for that. Do you really want me to start?
  2. I just came across this 5 minutes-documentary movie, by Uri Bar-On, asking people what they will do for a real peace in the middle east. It's pretty funny. Take a look, English subtitles are included. What are your thoughts? http://www.uri-bar-on.com/movie.php?movie_id=1
  3. I haven't yet. Speaking off, it might be only me but I didn't like Dancing in the dark at all.
  4. I love Lars Von Trier, Antichrist was the only film ever that made me close my eyes.
  5. You will have to think about it for a night after watching it to make sure you understand what Haneke is talking about
  6. This is the only Haneke film where he doesn't criticize the "Bourgeoisie" [well at least not as the main thing], he criticize the teenagers, the bad films they follow. He criticize the way the teenagers acts after watching A ClockWork Orange rather than copying the film itself. I personally get upset by this movie more than I get by any other violent thing, because without showing much - he shows more. Because of its subtext. I think the thing that he tried to do with this movie is to make people upset at these two young men, to yell "but why are you so mean/stupid/lifeless?" - and if you act like that you understand what he was talking about. Anyways, have you seen the 7th continent? I almost got up in the middle 20 times, but I understood what the fuck he wanted from me, and I appreciate him. He try to see who is the decent person that will raise against him, the story and mankind
  7. Well, Michael Haneke is one of my favorite directors, although I feel like punching him from time to time [which makes me appreciate him even more.] Funny games is an Austrian movie, which Haneke wanted the American society to see so much, so he remade it, frame by frame with American cast at 1997. Personally, I find this movie to be amazing - if its the cinema language or the story itself, and how he criticize the society, however, with this kind of movies I love to read responses of people that most likely never studied film, or are open/ used to watching this kind of material. The comments I've seen to this movie, are might be harsh but might be right and interesting at the same time. People found something that reminds them A Clockwork Orange, they find the movie gross, and some people addmited to stop watching it [which gives Haneke bonus point, as this is what he tried to make people do, to refuse these things] I try not to put spoilers here, because I don't want anyone that haven't seen it yet not to see it, but if youve seen any of the versions - Austrian or American I wonder how do you feel about this movie?
  8. Well I downloaded it because I felt like working on my editing skills, and just to experiment with videos, as I have more free time at the moment and it wouldnt hurt to get new things to my portfolio. Anyways... for some odd reasons, any video I try to import, that works perfectly fine anywhere else will have problems on premier. [some videos will show only one frame, or 3 frames, some videos will FF 10 minutes in 50 seconds [when I change the duration or speed it just look very bad] some videos will show one corner of one frame...] while the sound is perfect. If anyone works on Premiere, please help - if I need to fix something about the settings or just to download it all over again.... Thanks BTW - Its pro CS4
  9. I think that Scarlet Johanson would be a great Kay Ludlow
  10. Of course, and therefore there is no reason to make the movie in the future =]
  11. But don't forget that she also wrote it back in the 50's, where the technology was, as you know and to understate, not as developed as we have now. She wrote it as if its in the future but it's still obvious that the setting was USA in the 50's [except the inventions Galt created.]
  12. I can''t help myself but laugh. I am so happy that he is not my dad. I'd have an horrible childhood. He basically say that his kid is not respectful, is immature, stupid, slow and abusive. I think that the book is his least of his problems, a better parenting or education will be much better. I feel sorry for that kid. I read Ayn Rand when I was 13, and it ended up just fine. Some parents need to give their kids the to make the choice of whats good and whats bad.
  13. I don't think we will use less quality or old objects in the future just for economic reasons.
  14. Winona Ryder is a great actress, I think that role is perfect for her, though I don't know whats going on with her lately. You are right, for the period thing, however, when I saw Atlas Shrugged something felt wrong for me, when I saw they decided to have it modern. If the movie will be timeless, this time will consider to be period to =] , and if youll try to do it futuristic then people in the future will make fun of it, as we try to create a fail future. so it doesnt really matter.
  15. What do you think? If you can't remember - about a year and a half ago there was a "peace" flottila from Turkey to Gaza, full of terrorist pretending to be peace activist. Now, as the united states wrote a report about it, Turkey demands Israel's apology, and Israel refuse. As a result, Turkey expels the Israeli ambassador, and also arrest 40 Israeli tourist for "questioning". What is your opinion about it? Also, for the laughs, if you haven't seen it yet
  16. You need to watch it again. I think it's one of his best films if not the best one. Also, his Lolita was the best version to the book, the newer one upset me. I think that making it a period piece [40's] would be more loyal to the book, and that way many parts that are important to the plot will make more since. Like when Dagany walks to find a phone, or why the trains take so much time to reach from a place to a place or why communicating took so much time. I don't think that if youll have it period would effect the "timeless" factor of the movie/book. Don't you think that Winona Ryder would be a perfect Kira?
  17. yes, I mean that Leone is brilliant and so are his films
  18. Do you refer to Atlas Shrugged? And stanly kubrick is probably one of the top 5 most talented directors all time, each one of his movies is the best in its genre. Well, ex. Full Metal Jacket that was second best to Apocalypse now. [and still is one of my favorite movies all time] A clock Work Orange was not only full of talent, it's influence over people was historical.[even though people saw whatever they want to see nad not what he ment with it] The script is genius. The directing is spotless. His cinema language is one of the best - all time. Even if the movie will not be your cup of tea, you will respect it.
  19. And I dont like Casey Aflek much. in the actual movie they got a black Eddie...
  20. Dwayne!!!! A clock work orange is an amzaing movie. You should give it a try The only problem I have with it is the viewers that dont understand it and mistake Alex for a good character. Anyways, You should try watching it. Some actors could sometimes surprise you, with the right director
  21. I personally think that A clock work orange and the godfather [1 and 2 not 3 and apocalypse now] are masterpieces. They hold a huge talent anywhere you look on it, so if you like these movies or not you can't say they don't do justice to the books. So far, any attempt to create an Ayn Rand-based-movie ended up bad. but if the right person will come it will be possible to create an amazing movie. I hate 3d and I hate big effects. A movie that holds a good cinema language doesnt need special effects at all. This thread was made to amuse ourself by building a dream cast for Atlas Shrugged, by the way
  22. A movie doesnt need a big budget in order to be good. A movie need a good script, good actors and a good director. It seems like no one of these actors could actually act, and no one on the set read Atlas Shrugged. This movie was lack of talent, creativity and abilities, which makes me very sad. The person that wrote the script obviously doesnt know how to turn thoughts to actions, picture and sound, he probably have nothing to do to cinema language which makes me sad. I'd love to make my own version one day. I think that Javier is sexy enough and it's possible to work on his accent, I don't think it's that bad. In the movie, it's fine to have the slight accent. Sam Rockwell... I think he is too young and pretty, to be James. I thought more of alec baldwin =] his lyfe syle and the way he acts could easily suit both James and Guy Francon. and you are right, it's Christian BALE. I checked it on IMDB
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