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  1. *This talks about a little scene of the movie in relation to Objectivism, but is not a major plot spoiler: I loved the part when upon arriving home from work, Mr. Incredible has a fit with his car and lifts it midair. A little neighbor boy passing by on his tricycle eyes him in amazement. After this spectacle, the youngster yet again appears in another scene lingering at the foot of the driveway. Mr. Incredible then demands, "What are you waiting for!?" In reply the kid innocently states, "I don't know. Something amazing, I guess." Those lines had the same effect on me as the scene from The Fountainhead between Roark and the boy on the bicycle. "Don't work for my happiness, my brothers-show me yours-show me that it is possible-show me your achievement-and the knowledge will give me courage for mine." Super
  2. Oh, odd timing! I just checked out Quo Vadis from my library. I have not yet started reading it. This version is translated by W.S. Kuniczak. The best though is by Jeremiah Curtin, hm? In that case, I'll just have to pick that one up. Thanks.
  3. Yep, and we will get to see more of them acting side by side in Tim Burton's remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp is playing Willy. Freddie Highmore is playing Charlie. I read that it will be "a more faithful adaptation of Dahl's novel rather than a remake of the 1971 film." So, come July we shall see.
  4. I saw Finding Neverland this afternoon. My, how refreshing it was to watch a charming, quality film after all the garbage that has been out lately! Both visually and mentally pleasing, it was pulled off with a working balance of whimsical flare and reality. Plot+ Theme+ Characterization+ Acting+ Style+... I loved it. I loved not only some parts of it, but rather the movie in its entirety, which is a rare finding for me. I did not leave disappointed thinking it could have been done better; I left satisfied. The audience walked out of the theater with tears pooled in their widened eyes, and smiles on their faces... Adults with the kind of smiles I'm only used to seeing on children (or in a mental image of the Atlas Shrugged heroes and heroine ).... viewing that in a group of strangers around me, was wonderful. Finding Neverland will speak to the Dreamer in all!
  5. ::nods in agreement:: I saw it, too. I particularly loved the filming techniques. The opening scene, along with others, was eye and mind catching. Likewise, I'll refrain from detail. At times I felt " the movie needs to unravel faster because i want to leave, yet i've stayed too long, wanting to know the ending" manipulating bastard writer, lol. Overall, it was a quite lovely film. What does your list of all time favorite movies consist of? The actress who played Lisa, Diane Kruger, I think she could possibly do a fine job of portraying Dominique in a Fountainhead remake. I have not seen other works of hers, however. What is your opinion?
  6. Last night I got into a discussion with someone about the classic "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound" ? This carried on for much too long. I reasoned "yes". He was undecided for the most part, slightly leaning towards "no". I suppose our disagreement had a lot to do with our definitions of "sound". From my understanding, sound waves exist independently of someone hearing them. Drawn from his definition of the word (Vibrations transmitted through an elastic solid or a liquid or gas...capable of being detected by human organs of hearing), a person would have to be in the forest to perceive the sound. But I think reality exists past our brains. It just is, whether or not someone is there to perceive it. That was the gist. Anyone like to expound?
  7. Has anyone read or heard of The Book of Job? A friend of mine reading it for college said it's a grand bible justification for why things happen. I was wondering if it'd be worth to look into so i would be able to discuss my viewpoint on it with him. Any thoughts I welcome.
  8. ::nods:: At the moment Miss Machine is my favorite, but that fluctuates depending on my mood. It's a toughie though being a choice between Miss Machine and Calculating Infinity. There's a balance and structure to the newer which wasn't present, at least not in any orthodox sense, in older Dillinger. Miss Machine is them stretching into new pools of genius like a tentacled behemoth, and doing a damn good job at it. "Phone Home" is the greatest song Nine Inch Nails never wrote, lol. And I just love "Sunshine the Werewolf". Ah, about 3/4 the way through when Greg just lets rip with "DEE-STRRROOOYYEEERR" ::smiles:: Lovely. They're touring soon. See them. They just rock the fuck out and have energy that's inhuman. Plus, I've definately no bones about the accompanying bands: Zao, Every Time I Die, and Misery Signals. -Jenna
  9. I enjoy listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds very much. I think he has one of the best voices ever. i listen to david bowie and the beatles and the cure and radiohead and joy division and jeff buckley. and some hardcore bands like converge and burnt by the sun.wide variety of music. i'm willing to listen to new things. any suggestion?
  10. ::laughs hard:: i think one of those things just doesn't belong there: Third Eye Blind. I find their music quite lovely. They're a band that has always found inspiration in authenticity and a DIY ethic. What is your reason for placing them on your list of undeserved success?
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