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  1. Thanks for your comments, Bowzer. I just wanted to know whether Thomas is misrepresenting ARI. Looks like he is. Looks like someone else has picked up on this story, too: http://angermanagement.mu.nu/archives/040214.html
  2. I got an email from some dude saying strange things about ARI. Who takes classes from the OAC out there? Is any of this true? Does ARI teach students to "parrot" Ayn Rand or refuse to let kids ask questions? -----Original Message----- From: William Thomas [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 4:03 PM Subject: Objectivism from the Source course <snip> The Ayn Rand Institute already offers phone-in courses, so why should you consider a course from The Objectivist Center? You may have even heard insults directed against the Center's founder, David Kelley, or you may have heard the Center derided as "subjectivists" or fake Objectivists. But no authority can trump your need for objectivity. While ARI virtually deifies Ayn Rand and teaches students to parrot her writings and ideas, TOC is committed to an engaged, respectful, and independent study of her rich system of thought. Instead of being suppressed, criticisms and questions are accepted and openly discussed. This does not mean we are not Objectivists--on the contrary, we recognize that any philosophic system as robust and true as Ayn Rand's must confront and answer objections with sound philosophical inquiry. Individualism and reason require the open vistas of clear debate and wide-ranging discussion. This is the principle on which TOC was founded, and on which my course will operate. For more on the advantages of studying Objectivism with TOC, see "Why Choose TOC?" on our website: www.objectivistcenter.org/obj-studies/wthomas_toc-ari.asp <snip>
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