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  1. You should search the forum for more info on this topic. There are already a few threads on it.
  2. It seems to me that if those 51 citizens want a road and 49 dont. Well than the 51 should pay for the road. leave the other 49 out of it. No one has the right to force someone to pay for anything. Ratio of yays to nays is irrelevent. Amo, I agree with you. I dont think letting some majority call the shots reflects Objectivism at all.
  3. Hello, my name is Chris, Im from Anchorage, Alaska. I recently graduated high school and still deciding what I intend to do. I was raised in a christian family but had problems with submitting myself to a "higher" power. In my senior year I was introduced to Ayn Rand and her works by a friend. After reading The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged I was overwhelmed with how much sence it made and seeing some of my own thoughts put into such a clear statement. From there I read online and discussed Objectivism with my friend, but I moved and so did he. So Im on this site looking to learn as much as I can about Objectivism. I have a fair grasp on the fundementals of Objectivism, but not enough that I can present a good aurgument in some discussions. I know what I think is right and wrong, but I sometimes find myself unable to proof why it is right or wrong. So I am simply looking for a complete understanding of Objectivism and all that living as an Objectivist implies.
  4. haha. Well, I agree but that isnt the solution. unfurtunately we cannot dictate foreign countries policies.
  5. what should be done about foriegn beef markets that sell products in Amreica? (imported beef) for example Canadian imported beef is sold at the same price a domestic beef. But the price of beef isnt enough to cover the cost of raising the cattle. So the Canadian gov't subsidizes their ranchers. the U.S. gov't does not. This hase created a situation where Amrican ranchers cant afford to sell their product at the same price as Canadian imported product. If they raise their prices they go out of business. If they dont they go out of business anyways. Any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated.
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