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  1. These are tough times for Israel. The current Turkish aid ship affair is not going well with the world media and Israel is losing the fight on this frontier. Everyone seems to forget that it is a very sensitive and complex situation. When viewed from the angle of Israeli government I am quite sure that all would act in the same way. In addition to this – the world media seems quite content to ignore footage of Israeli soldiers showing restraint while being attacked with axes and metal rods and being thrown off deck by so called “peaceful humanitarian activists”. Fanatics who have no connection to this conflict whatsoever other than there inherent bias of Israel are being interviewed constantly on networks such as Sky News and CNN, portraying Israel as a militant oppressing state, and it’s soldiers as violent uncontrolled killers. Many countries and groups are talking of banning Israeli made products. It is time to act! We see that this affair is nothing but a provocation intended to lose Israel favor with the world. Support Israel by streaming money in to the country and buying Israeli made, joining pro Israel FB groups and wearing pro Israel shirts. Basically making your voice heard in any way possible so we can win this media war. And here is an Israeli T shirt sight with pro Israel shirts I have found: <snip: spam> Dannie
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