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  1. Ah, I completely understand what you are trying to say. Yet it is still possible to accomplish an "Objectivist" reading of Holmes even if the detective himself is not one, right?
  2. I tried searching for threads related to this, but found none. See, I've just stumbled upon Objectivism after I discovered my aunt's copy of Fountainhead. Now I'm trying to explore the process of learning this philosophy, and the possibility of abiding it. I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes, and found that in a way, he might be embracing this philosophy, and even though Objectivism was yet to be brought up in in his time, we could say that Holmes is unconsciously embracing it. So, what do you guys say? If we think about, is he an Objectivist? I mean he values reason, he respects innovation and technology, he pursues crime solving because he finds personal contentment doing it, etc. Correct if I'm mistaken in a couple of points. Thank you.
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