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  1. If you vote in an election of the US government, it means you are actively participating in that system and therefore accept it to exist and allow it to continue to be how it is. Just because your name is anonymous on that vote doesn't mean that you can act like it wasn't you who made that vote! anonymous to other people doesn’t mean it's anonymous to justice and what is moral. Since you don't have your own dictionary here is Merriam Webster’s def of sanction: explicit or official approval, permission, or ratification. So, if you vote it means you approve of the system that is in place. For example, I have a problem with Mob Rule aka democratic system, so I have trouble deciding whether or not to vote. (If I do vote, it will be for the Libertarian candidate only because that is the only possibility of the government someday changing down a path to what is right.)
  2. I think your voting for either Bush or Kerry says you sanction what they stand for right now. Also, you could be held responsible for all the terrible things they do while they are in office if you had voted for them. (Although voting is all messed up and who knows if your vote actually maters.) Anyway, vote Libertarian if you are voting and at least want things to change for the better, but of course the non-vote is saying you don't sanction their evil system (I still don't know which of these two I will do). I know a lot of you do not like the Libertarian party, but I think you are way overanalyzing them not having a complete philosophy behind them. They are the only chance you have with the government ever getting better.
  3. Hey Im studying Bioengineering. Actually I was going to email you before now, but didn't get around to it yet. There is a Pitt Libertarian club forming and some of us are objectivists. By the way- I use the little o in objectivist because some people do not consider themselves Big O Objectivists. Sorry if I offend you big O's, but I am trying not to exclude people who think of themselves as little o's. I say I am an objectivist because a lot of people call themselves Objectivists and to them means you follow Ayn Rand to the T on everything and anything. I look at objectivism as not just her philosophy, but as using Reason as your means of knowledge. Seeing how Rand is not alive anymore she cannot contribute anymore to new issues, but some people that are trying to continue her philosophy (such as some affiliated with the TOC and ARI) and I do not agree fully with some of their views. Therefore, I am an objectivist- sorry I do not mean to offend anyone.
  4. Hi everyone yes I love this emoticon! So, I hope that all the people that claim to be objectivists here really do practice it. I've met a good number of people who have read Rand's books who just think of them as nice and wish they could be like that, but think it is too idealistic. I don't- I live it and I hope you guys do too because you will be sooooo ubelievably happy! That's my two cents. I live in Pittsburgh, PA currently trying to get my PhD.
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