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  1. Does the West really hate itself...or are we made to get that impression by the minority that does, a minority that controls the flow of information; namely, the left-wing minions who run the media and academia? They excel at being miserable, and won't rest until all of us are equally miserable. They go out of their way to try to make the sheeple feel guilty about their existence. The West is such an easy target for the left-wing nutjobs because it's the only system that, by its nature, tolerates dissent. ps.: I meant to say "culture" in place of system
  2. Why don't all of the wealthy stars on the Live 8 train set examples and give everything they have to Africa, to show that they really, truly care. "That'll be the day," said John Wayne. I don't care to watch such altruist nonsense, but I'm wondering if any of them had any messages to send out to the crooked garbage that run those countries and steal most of the aid. Funny how the stars have strong opinions about what the West should do, but never call for the stepping down of the despots. The worst part of such an effort is the implication that aid is owed or obligatory. Instead of asking if you want to help, it's always how much are you going to give. Let the star trash pay for it. Let them give everything down to the clothes off their backs. Let socialists prove they're not hypocrites.
  3. Some interesting things on the following website (shhh, don't tell the left-wing media or the DNC, who like to call all those who disagree with them "nazis"): Hitler was a Leftist
  4. I second the second about Paul Johnson's A History of the American People. Great overview from a conservative writer. I also second the advice to avoid the Marxist America-basher, Howard Zinn. In fact, it's generally good to avoid anything with "People's" in its title, from books to award shows. I highly recommend an engrossing, entertaining non-fiction history book by William Lee Miller: Arguing About Slavery. It's an amazing read, with great writing, about John Quincy Adams's battle in the House of Representatives against the mystically-driven, pro-slavery demagogues and their anti-American "gag rule." One of the darkest episodes in American history, indeed. John Quincy Adams is one of the most interesting men in American history to me, because he was fervently rational for his time, was scaldingly plain-spoken and matter-of-fact, and did not do things for popularity or votes. He was put through hell in this ordeal, but stood his ground, and this book dramatically chronicles his ordeal. The insults and ridicule he endured in the name of liberty is heartrending. Miller quotes a great deal from the transcripts of the debates, and they read like a courtroom drama. Great book.
  5. Integrity and character? This is the guy who campaigned and told America he was a nuclear physicist. The press investigated the claim and it turned out he once took a non-credit course in nuclear physics at Union College. He whined about how bad he had it during the "Depression," yet even Miss Lillian was driven to go on TV and tell us how full of it her son was, that they had actually done quite well. How is a "leftist, amoralist, cultural relativist" a "moral giant"? I'd say anyone who possesses those qualities is evil. Carter is rotten to the core with militant altruism, and has campaigned against America's prosperity ever since the Gipper sent him back to the peanut farm. Like other self-annointed elitists, he likes to appoint himself supreme advising altruist monitor when any international crisis arises. Every international situation he gets involved in rapidly deteriorates. I found him particularly despicable when he dispatched himself to Venezuela to come to Chavez's aid--surely no one thought he was there to help freedom-loving capitalists dump that tyrranical socialist pig. Carter's Nobel prize? LOL That's like Moveon.org giving Michael Moron a lifetime achievement award. Nobel peace prize is like the Oscars--a bunch of left-wing elitists self-congratulating themselves and stroking each other's egos.
  6. Aside from being boring, Foucault is the Saint of Cultural Relativism to the international left. Lynne Cheney also did a chapter on him in her book, Telling the Truth.
  7. The Guardian is calling the boy "extreme right-wing," naturally.
  8. Billy Carter's dumber brother is living proof that the presidency is NOT the place for on-the-job training. His fatal flaw is that he has always refused to believe that people are capable of being evil; rather, they are just "misunderstood." He was the closest the American people have ever come to picking the president's name from a phone book. "Hi, mah name is Jimmah Cahtuh, and I'm runnin' fuh praysdunt."
  9. I've read all this before, except it was published by Noam Chomsky, and parroted by Martin Sheen, John Kerry, and Joan Baez, among others, and now Biggum Chief Ward Churchill. El Salvador, still? LOLOLOLOL
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