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  1. This is why I think we are really in for a crisis of civilization. This is not primarily an economic collapse, but an intellectual collapse.
  2. This question may only be answerable by someone who understands computer science. I'm taking an introductory Java pogramming course and noticed a connection between Rand's theory of concepts and object-oriented computer programming. I understand an object to be an entity that has both behavior (essential characteristics) and data (meaasurements of those characteristics). When you write code for an object class, you're basically writing a blueprint for something that has some distinguishing characteristic(s) and can be used an infinite number of times with any number of possible measurements. Therefore, it seems that the field of computer science, without realizing it, applies the Objectivst theory of concepts as the basis of programming. Am I right about this?
  3. iflyboats

    Rand on Sports

    Leanord Peikoff said in a Podcast that Rand was a fan of Muhammad Ali.
  4. All I know is that I hate that the mental health establishment labels you an addict for life even if you break your addiction. Seems that if you quit, you're not an alcoholic anymore.
  5. I no longer drink or use drugs of any kind, but I first encountered the ideas of liberty on a forum dedicated to marijuana cultivation. In fact, I had several important breakthroughs on my intellectual journey toward Objectivsm while I was stoned.
  6. I wouldn't assume that everyone rejects Objectivism for the same reason, but I think one major reason is that they have a socially oriented view of reality ('social metaphysics') and therefore take its dimissal by acadmemic philosophers as proof of it being wrong. Their standard for whether something is right or wrong is the proportion of experts who believe it. If something is unpopular among academic philosophers, they reason, then it must be wrong because "society" considers professors in universities to be presigious. And, of course, it is ultimately the collective "mind" society that determines what is right and wrong. They don't actually identify their reasoning process as such, but that's how I think it goes.
  7. South Park in its heyday was the best show of all time IMO.
  8. He lost me when he made some despicable remarks about the failure of the free market during a segment with Ron Paul. That and he smokes too much weed.
  9. Would you in 2006 have included Barack Obama in a list of people who objectively had a chance to win in 2008?
  10. iflyboats


    If interest rates went up to 10%, it would be impossible to even pay the interest on the curerent debt.
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