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  1. Can you explain to us what particular part of the fourth rule is confusing to you? I'm not sure what you're getting at here.
  2. Can a person implicitly take on obligations by engaging in certain actions or deals with others for instance?
  3. I have been very lucky to see a screening of the final cut of Outlaw dvd, and have to say 'wow'. I have followed Nick Love's career since Charlie Bright onto Footbal Factory and the business and have always been a fan of his scripts, if not the content. Outlaw is a total departure from anything before. The camera work is beautiful and edgy, reminding me of 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'United 93', you're put right into the action, almost as if you are one of the Outlaw dvd. The script is once again provocative and powerful, as the film deals with the state of Britain at the moment. The acting is amazing, Sean Harris and Lennie James steal the show for me, but Sean Bean, Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer are on their usual A games, and Rupert Friend, although has the least amount of dialogue, plays the wallflower very well. The score resembles a Michael Mann film, and as a big fan of 'The Mann', I was over the moon and the sound effects make the violence even more realistic. the violence in the film is realistic and gritty and will shock many movie goers, but it also needs to be seen as it is relevant to the film, and the through story about the main gang that controls London and the cops holds it all together nicely. All in all Outlaw dvd blew me away and I can't wait to see what Nick Love does next, since he has grown as a film maker and story teller. All I can say is watch it, as the read about these types of story in the papers and it's great to finally see someone stand up and make a film about it.
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